Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

Its been very hectic here with the holidays and Keatons 6th birthday coming up TOMORROW. I tell you ; where did the 6 years go? It seems like yesterday It was8:56pm or maybe 8:54 (I should look that up.) on New years Eve and I was finally holding my gorgeous baby boy. He was 8lbs 12oz , 22 inches long and Gorgeous... Aside from his immensely squished nose which I feared may be permanent at the time. Now here I am an instant later prepping for his first party with school friends invited. I wish I could hit rewind because everything is going far too fast for me. And his nose has turned out fine.

Christmas time...

Christmas Eve my Mom and Brother showed up around 12:30 , My mom and I went downtown to grab a few last minute things ... Another small gift for Tyson , Check out all the Christmas stuff that was 60% off in case there was something we needed , stop and grab some beer for the guys. Which by the way did not even get opened until yesterday when I emptied the full case into the fridge. Were big drinkers. lol. When we got home Tyson was miserable because of course according to him we had taken too long. Men. We went about our day... finished wrapping... I read the Nativity story again to the boys... had my burnt chicken cordon blue with scalloped potatoes and salad for supper. Got everyone dressed and headed for church. We were quite early so we drove around looking at Christmas lights... Kolby was instantly mad and crying because we were going the wrong way for church. He is a bundle of Joy. One of the moodiest children I have ever met. At church Tyson spent the majority of the time out of the chapel trying to entertain Kyler. Kolby spent most of his time following the lines in the hymn book with his fake candle and singing.

After Church we went home and got ready for bed. Keaton made a snack tray with carrots and reindeer food for ' Rudolph and his gang' Kolby picked two chocolate chip cookies for Santa's treats with a glass of milk - Keaton wrote Santa a quick note. we were in the living room when there was suddenly a knock at the back door . It opened and a booming voice called in. HO HO HO- Merry Christmas! the boys saw Santa and all darted for the back door but we were too late to catch him. I was carrying Kyler and tripped on Santa's bag , landing on Kolbys foot and slamming Kyler into the closet. Nicely done mom. They had a good cry and were ready to open presents. They all got the cutest Jammies and then they were allowed to open one gift... Keaton got an Easy bake oven( no I don't think I will ever recover from the amount of criticism I have received over buying that for him.lol. But he likes to bake. Come ON!) Kolby got a Diego Sit N Spin... It was a hit with all 3 boys... And Kyler got lucky,he had his present open before I realized while snapping pictures that is was the wrong present- It was Kolbys for the next day! We got that straightened out and Kyler got to open his little Toy Hammer. We Played , Read Twas the Night Before Christmas and then off to bed to wait for Santa. About 2 hours later Keaton woke up crying that Santa wasn't coming back. So much for him insisting to me for the last week that the most important part of Christmas was remembering baby Jesus' birthday. That was put on the back burner for the fear that Santa wouldn't return. Kids. lol. And let me add. Poor Daddy completely missed out this year again when Santa stopped in!!

Pictures soon to come. Yet again they are on the other computer :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Santa

This is Kolbys letter to Santa... He got really into it with the ribbon and tape... so so cute.
Not sure why their mouths look orange since they were eating some fresh pineapple. hmm.

Keaton deep in thought as of what to write ...

and making sure he does the finger spaces in between his words. Again. Cute
So this is a pretty random post but as I said earlier I have to catch up with the pictures ... One day Im going to get this all printed out in photobooks for a keepsake so what may seem random to a reader is the reason I started the blog- to keep track of my kids cuteness.lol.
Have a great day... I may post again later since its still early :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Well its Saturday , Tyson is at work , Kyler is sleeping and I just put on the Simpsons Christmas for the boys. Keatons snuggled by my side and Kolby is drinking a Chubby pop that has been in our fridge since I would hazard to guess June or July. Yeah . that's how often they drink pop.lol

We had Keaton's Christmas concert at his school on Thursday afternoon ; I went equipped with the video camera , the good ole Cannon and my 75-300mm lens since I knew I was running late and would be stuck at the back of the gymnasium-which ended up being the case and actually worked in our favor because the kids could get out of their seats without disturbing anyone else. Tyson wanted to be in charge of video-ing it so I hesitantly gave up control.lol. Unfortunately he has never used it before and didn't realize the discs only run 30 minutes... that is UNTIL he called me over to see what the symbol was flashing for and I told him he only had 90seconds left on the disc...and Keaton hadn't even been out on stage yet. So the concert footage ends there and we had just enough room left on the disc to catch the majority of one of Keaton's 2 songs...Enough for me :) Plus I took a gazillion pictures so we're set.

Keaton is officially on Christmas break , I am officially counting down the days until he goes back.lol. I love having him home but forgot how much noisier it is during nap time with him here.

Kolby is cute.

That's all the news I have so far today.

OH and I finally took the initiative to start going through my bible, its been quite a while and I kept telling myself I didn't have the time. But I really do so I am; and I'm really glad. I have Tyson convinced that he will be attending Church Christmas eve without complaining which may be small but hopefully its a start to get him involved .

Well. I'm sure there's cleaning I could be doing and Kyler should be awake soon so I'm off

Friday, December 19, 2008

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Scroll down and pause the blog music on the side so you will be able to hear this music :)


These quotes are not from my book but they really spoke to me... and there was more than one so here we go :)

A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.

Be the change that you want to see in the world

Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever

It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity.

I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and Non-violence are as old as the hills.

In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.

There were more but I hear tiny footsteps upstairs so Im going to get my Kolby :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Its been a long time coming but I finally put up some pictures... This is of us decorating the christmas tree on...oh. Nov25th or so. I have a ton ton ton of pictures to get up since I havent in ages so prepare yourselves for lots of picture-full posts :)

Charles Kingsley-Quote

I know I didnt follow through on my plans in the last post. Heres my quote for today

God taught mankind on that first Christmas day
What 'twas to be a man ; to give , not take ;
To serve , not rule ; to nourish , not devour ;
To help , not crush ; if need , to die , not live.

And I will attempt to get on the upstairs computer shortly with some pictures ; I'll try to think of something good to say :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I bought myself a new book a couple months ago ... The Footprints Book of Daily Inspirations... It has some beautiful quotes and I decided that when I read one that I really love that I will share it with you ... So needless theres a few that I have bookmarked so Im going to try and get on to share one a day.

Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are , while your reputation is merely what others think you are.
-Dale Carnegie

Getting There

It is Dec 11! I have been so busy trying to get some things done before Christmas this year... Finishing the Kitchen , TRYING to get my fireplace installed. By that I mean that I have done everything I can ... framing, drywall , mudding and taping , Mantel. all to look great around the fireplace that doesn't work because my husband is missing the motivation I have to get it all done by Christmas. If I had half a clue how to plumb in gas lines then it would be done but I'm not quite that talented/brave . Christmas Decorating inside and out , and Baking .So I have 2 weeks. I can finish right!? This is my attempt at a little pep talk for myself.lol. Today I am doing more mudding and taping , some cleaning , putting up lights outside later and I think I am going to start making my Hermie the Elf for the Christmas display outside. I hadn't wrote anything for a while so I thought I had better at least put something irregardless of how mundane . I did take some photos yesterday with the intention of putting them up on the blog so watch out for that later today. Probably after bedtime actually :)

On another note I'm really having a hard time. Ive been trying to decide what Church I want my family to attend, I grew up going to a Catholic school so I feel pulled to that yet we were married in the United Church and have been to a few masses there since moving here. I really do enjoy the United Church but I find myself wondering what really is the difference between them all and how do I choose. I want God to be a bigger part in our lives and I want my children to learn all that the bible teaches but I'm just really having a hard time 'choosing' a religion. Religion honestly makes little or no sense to me . I believe in essence that we are all worshipping the same God so does what church you do it in really make a difference? I have also had some Jehovah's stalking me .lol. sorry no offense if anyone reading this is a Jehovah's witness. I just don't feel comfortable discussing God with someone that I have no clue what their belief system teaches. I just wish there were a book that had a chart saying we believe this and worship this way - for each religion. That would be so much easier . So if your reading this and belong to a church I would love to hear your opinions and what your religion teaches , Thanks so much :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Can of Worms

Well. Today is Tyson's Christmas party so of course this morning I panic over what to wear- regretting not buying the dress and shoes I found on Tuesday while I was shopping. There is no where in this town to shop unless I want to spend an insane amt of money on brand name stuff. So that's out. What ever is a girl to do?

Tackle 'the closet'

In an attempt to find clothes that I may have hidden away and forgotten about I decided today was the day to clean my closet. Not the best choice I must say. There are months worth of Christmas presents , stocking stuffers , boys clothes that I had sorted to pack away , Baby items that I couldn't decide if I should part with or save just in case. So now. 2 hours later my closet is impeccably clean. I have several outfits I could wear but not sure if I really want to and a bedroom full of JUNK! albeit it is better than before but I have piles of stuff I thought I should leave out and no idea where to put it now. Add to that I have to do some laundry , clean my house before Baba comes to babysit tonight , shower , do my hair , makeup(the last two are nearly impossible to do on a regular day let alone while I have everything else going on) so what do I find myself doing? Blogging! makes sense.lol. I had to relax for a few minutes before I move on to the next step I guess.

so what to wear. Its not formal or even semi formal for that matter. Yet I never get an excuse to dress up so Do I wear the cute little black and white dress with black high heels and a cardigan since its FREEZING out. or do I just go with Casual and wear jeans a shirt and flats , Or mid range and wear my dressy jeans( which let me add have been hiding since summer and are now loose on me!! I knew I lost weight but really couldn't SEE it until I tried on clothes that have been packed away YAY! ) with high heels , a shirt and sweater vest... or UGH. lol. There are too many options racing in my head!

I guess I should go clean now :) Any outfit advice would be great . Come on people. Just tell me what to wear so I don't have to decide for myself! lol.

On another note I'm going to try and get some new pictures up soon - Ive been really slacking on the picture front. OOH. My mind is all over the place

Can anyone guess what movie Keaton was talking about when he said the other day that he wanted to watch 'The Chemicals of Anugent' !??? lol. its too funny.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Giveaway time

no, sorry not by me. BUT if you go to 4 little men and girly twins she has something great up for giveaways. which is why Im posting it on here ... to get myself another shot at it :)


Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

This is my first ever not me Monday so please do bear with me if its not the most exciting as I am now racking my brain to think of things I 'did not ' do this past week

So without further ado here we go in no particular order.
I did not go to the high school book fair and pick out a couple books that I wanted DH to buy me for Christmas. And I definitely did not ask him first thing that night that if he did buy them could I have one to read. Followed by me MOST DEFINITELY not reading for hours on end the past two nights and finishing the 500 page book in record time. And this may be a future non plan but I Do not plan on starting the Sequel tonight. lol .
I did not go to the store and buy 3lbs of butter to bake shortbread and then badly burn the first two batches only ending up with 30 cookies that turned out
I also have not been threatening my family that they can only eat the ones that did not turn out because the few that did are for Christmas
I did not still forget to write down on the recipe to bake them for 7 minutes instead of 12 and 3 cups of flour instead of 5.
I did not decide at 11am that we had to drive an hour out of town so I could go to walmart and get new Christmas ornaments for the tree while Keaton was in School.
I did not buy a pair of knitted pink baby booties at the Craft fair because they were cute and cheap. and I did not secretly debate keeping them for myself 'just in case' you know. someday.lol.
I also did not get a friend to send me her extra ovulation predictor kits so I can predict my ovulation even though we're not sure whether were going to ttc or not.
I did not half-hazardly rip the lace off the bottom of one of my newer shirts because it isn't stretchy and annoyed me.
I did not go on the scale every second day hoping I had lost the 2 lbs that I HAD lost and then they crept up on me again. Keep in mind I did nothing that would enable weight loss. Hello Shortbread cookies.
Well I think that's all I can think of for now. And I most definitely am not still in my PJ's watching cartoons while I do this.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The calm after the storm :)

The Craft Sale is all done :) We sold quite a few baskets actually but not enough yet to pay ourselves back... which is fine since my mom is going to take them into her office to try and get rid of some and I am going to Stalk everyone I know that still has Christmas gifts to buy! And we sold the favorite Diaper cake of mine...it was so pretty and pink...I will miss seeing it in my house!lol. check it out if you want its still on my basket blog www.giftedgiftz.blogspot.com
I only sell locally so sorry if you were interested :) Just thought you might want to see that diaper cake. It was seriously gorgeous...if you watch the baby slide show there is a pic of it all wrapped up on there. Can you tell I have three boys! I just cant stop talking about Pink stuff.lol.

I discovered on Tuesday that they will not be judging the houses until Dec 17th so I now have plenty of time to finish my yard decor before then- which Ive already had a ton of compliments so wait until they see the finished product!

The Kitchen? The rest of the cupboards are done and I told my husband that while he was hunting I was going to work on tile. I'm on here instead. Priorities. I know.

Have I told you lately my boys are gorgeous. Seriously. Nothing is more amazing to me than how much a parent loves their children ... even when they're driving you crazy they're cute!

Keaton is the smart crafty one. The one who goes to school and the teacher is amazed because he knows how to do everything before she teaches it to him , he is a sponge ,remembers EVERYTHING. We were at the store today and I asked him....do you know where Kolby put that toy down? he took me across the store, down the aisle and around the corner. There the toys was. with the dinnerware!lol.

Kolby is the imaginative one. he loves any type of superhero and any type of 'weapon' It is the funniest thing to watch him watch tv-he reenacts everything that is going on in the show.And I mean EVERTYTHING.In star wars when the princess is knocked unconscious by Anniken obi-wan reaches down and checks her pulse Kolby reaches down and checks his imaginary princess' pulse. Sorry. I think her name is Queen Amadala maybe.I'm not all that much into Starwars- I'm just subjected to it.lol

Kyler. Not 100% sure yet but what I do know is that anything with wheels will get rode and pushed around the house with motor noises endlessly. He is most definitely into the typical boys toys - tractors , trucks , bobcats especially since his daddy has one for work. He is also the snuggler , he just melts into you and actually pushes hard against me to snuggle more. Hes a definite mix between the two big brothers. So smart and so Imaginative... Nothings more fun than seeing your kids personalities emerge :)

Well. That's all for Today ; I think I'll go start tiling .

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy Busy

No, I have not posted in a while. Okay . to be specific 9 days.lol. Alot has happened... the 13th was my Husbands birthday and we had our first overnight date in 2 years! We went to an Edmonton Oilers game... stayed at a casino and gambled away an entire $15. Horrible , I know.lol. It was the first time I have ever gambled.Other than scratch tickets... do they count?lol.

More recently Tyson finally started putting our upper cabinets up- most likely due to my(time out. I had to go change by far the stinkiest diaper in a while.whew.) Ok. most likely due to my constant reminder that last year he promised me they would be done before christmas (yes.2007, not this year) So I have been tiling. And finishing Gift Baskets since my craft sale is only a week and a half away. Oh wait. AND making an entire set of plywood decorations (life size)from the movie Rudolph the rednosed reindeer and the island of misfit toys.... all in an attempt to win this years twinkle tour that is now only a week and a half away as well. OH MY. Kay I have to get off the computer and do something.lol. After I put up a couple pictures :)
Our Christmas Cards... what do you think. Grandma- shut your eyes.

My messy messy mid-tiling/installing cupboards. Gross. I know - but I couldnt help it...it is much cleaner now and this small pieceof tiling is done. Now about 80% more to do....and then lots of mudding and taping to fix our 65 year old dry wall and tysons new wiring for a light overmy sink. I wanted it in the roof above the sink. He wanted it here ... I should start a poll. LOL. I dont think I will ever find a light fixture that will look good there but hey - I have to let him make some of the decisions so he can feel like he wears the pants.lol.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today is Remembrance Day

IN FLANDERS FIELDS the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Please Remember all the people who fought for us , gave their lives to protect ours.
I don't think we will ever be able to show enough appreciation but Today is a good start. Take a moment in silence and say a prayer and a thank you for all those Men and Women.

Thank you.

Friday, November 7, 2008

New word

Kyler has a new word to add to the list :)

Ba-der.... Brother ! too cute :)

we were trying to get him to say Keaton and instead he said ba-der. We usually say brothers which is probably why he related that rather than their names... soooo cute.


Heres my list of should be doing: -sweep and mop-clean the bathroom-finish giftbaskets and start putting tags/prices on-clean up the yard since its snowing-Laundry-sort through and get rid of a ton of the boys clothes-mudding and taping my fireplace-finishing my 5 foot reindeer and starting on the 6 foot santa.lol. that sounds ridiculous without more of the story.

What I am doing:-sitting on the laptop with all my kids and I still in our jammies

What I am going to do: -get dressed and bake cookies.-possibly go shopping for stuff to make more Hannah Montana gift baskets. since Im not done the ones I already have cluttering my house.lol

So thats how my days looking so far : ) Thought Id share.lol.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Star Wars and Chickens



and Darth Vader. Ok . Its Kolby. I know I had you all fooled for a minute.

Spooky Halloween.

I am the crazy lady on the block. that about sums up the pictures. Actually it would be more accurate if I said in the town. No one else in town decorates even remotely close to the extent I do for halloween and I think we can blame that on my addiction to scary movies/books. Halloween is the only time of year that you can go all crazy and really do anything -so I do... And the kids love it. The saw guy? That is me sitting in my Antique rocking chair on the deck all night! Keaton sat out there with me for close to two hours because he was having such a blast scaring people. It was great. We had the spooky music and the fog machine going with the risk of looking like a crazy to all the other more 'reserved' houses in town... Im fine with that. My kids had fun , Tyson and I had fun... and the towns kids loved it too : ) Halloween and Christmas are my favorite things to decorate for so just wait and see my house at Christmas... Ive got some new decorations in the works already! lol.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I honestly cant believe its November Already! Time flies when your having fun I guess. Big things happening this month... its my hubbys birthday in a couple weeks... and I have to kick the christmas shopping into high gear...Last year I was pretty much done by this time... this year? not even close. Tyson and I will have our first overnight date in 2 years (hopefully- crossing my fingers.) and my mom and I's first craft show for our giftbaskets : )

nats nats nats...(snacks , snacks , snacks) Kyler just brought me a mini bag of Doritos from trick or treating :) When did it happen that my baby isnt really a baby anymore! Hes turned into this handsome, goofy , happy little boy who just likes to giggle dance and have nats. lol . I think its really been hitting me the last week because he has put his talking into high gear so he 'talks' like crazy- making him seem so much bigger.

Heres his current vocabulary

Maama- Grandma

Momma/Mom-Me : )


koaka- kolby

nats - snacks

uff ou - love you

mad- mad- He was playing with the remote and brought it to me saying mad mad mad...

at first I wasnt sure what he was saying until I said- Is momma

mad at you for touching- and he shook his head yes way too

cute. I always tell him sternly - momma is mad at you for

(blank) I know. Hardcore punishment.lol. but maybe its

working :)


this- this - for anything he wants. Mainly his soother.

boo- for peek a boo

baba- for his baba

la-la-bye for lullaby... no one else heard this so Im sure Tyson thinks I imagined it. but It was

clear as day when I was singing to him(poor kid.lol.)

Im sure theres more that I'll have to add. I can never think of it when I want to ... the exact reason I need to keep track of it on here

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

exciting surprise

I know... I didnt post it yesterday... All day - not sure what I did... But last night we had hockey for Kolby and Keaton which is quite a chore so after that I wanted nothing more than the TV and a little 90210 and House. lol . so thats what I did. nothing!

The surprise is that I have a new blog for the gift company my mom and I are starting :) Dont worry- Im not trying to sell you anything! Its just exciting for us and I wouldnt mind some feedback on the site and products. With that said though It is not finished so Im not going to let anyone see it yet. I was going to try and get everything finished up yesterday but never got around to it ... I ended up going shopping for basketwrap and coming home with a ton of stuff for other baskets. Its addicting. but Im cut off.. Ive spent far too much money and although Im confident our stuff will sell. Im now broke.lol. so I have to cut myself off.

Hockey last night... If I get time I'll post on that later... But Im going to wake up my sweet little angel. Babies are so darn cute.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lazy Days

Today was one of those days where I just didn't get anything done. Honestly. I don't think I can name one thing constructive that I did. HOWEVER everyone was out of Pajamas by a decent time so I guess that could be one of my great accomplishments.lol. I received a message today from a lady in town... we're friends with her brother and SIL... she was wondering if I had ever considered babysitting as she'll need a sitter come January. I didn't know what to say. I don't want to be rude but honestly most days I feel like I can hardly handle my children without going nuts... let alone adding another to the mix. . . I told her I'd think about it. Heck. I'm just honored that someone would think of me for that .lol. The excitement of being a stay at home mommy.

Tyson just came in the house. His newest work truck has been acting up and wont start so I'm not sure whats going on but I am sooo not happy with that truck. nothing but problems. Anyway. The point of me sharing that is that I'm making this post a short one... have to go see my honey : )

I'll try and post tomorrow- I have some cute cute pictures : ) And for anyone that reads this I may have a little surprise in store... Don't get yourself all worked up. Its not that exciting-well for me it is...but it will be something new : ) at least to some of you. Grandma knows what it is so don't get all excited reading this and waiting for the surprise mom.lol.

Good night to all .

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I know. 3 posts in one day. Im crazy!! Im just trying to catch up on what Ive been trying to do for weeks now : ) 4 little men and girly twins did this and invited others to as well... go into your photos...6th folder...6th picture. This is what I got. I was trying to get a cute spur of the moment pic with all the boys a few months ago... this wasnt the best one. But still. insanely cute... how could it not be with all those handsome guys in there. So go ahead... feel free to do it as well... I know you have folders and folders of pictures you havent looked at in ages so this is a good excuse to do so :)

31 things

1. Where is your cell phone? Dead in my Purse
2. Where is your significant other? work
3. Your hair color? dark brown. not for long hopefully I'll get to the salon for something new soon.
4. Your mother? Karen
5. Your father? Lyle
6. Your favorite thing? {at this moment} making gift baskets : )
7. Your dream last night? wait. did I sleep last night?
8. Your dream/goal? To be the best mom/wife possible and still have time for myself
9. The room you're in? My bedroom
10. Your hobby? photography,art, carpentry,renovating,really anything to keep busy.
11. Your fear? losing a loved one
12. Where do you want to be in six years? in our dream home out in the country with my boys playing out in the field while I suntan. : ) Maybe that dream doesnt include Alberta.lol.
13. Where were you last night? at home
14. What you’re not? a big phone talker
15. One of your wish list items? Camera stuff.
16. Where you grew up? Saskatchewan/Alberta border
17. The last thing you did? attempted to work on brochures
18. What are you wearing? Jeans and a white FOX tee
19. Your TV? downstairs.
20. Your pet? Molly- Pomimo
21. Your computer? PC
22. Your mood? bored and should be cleaning :)
23. Missing someone? my mommy! lol.
24. Your car? Dodge Durango
25. Something you’re not wearing?socks
26. Favorite store? Old Navy
27. Your summer? was there a summer this year?
28. Love someone? My boys
29. Your favorite color?brown,orange,red,green,eggplant. I like all colors equally. with the exception of neon.
30. When is the last time you laughed? 5 Minutes ago when Kolby called his dad Coach Daddy on the phone(they start hockey today)
31. Last time you cried? Dont remember. A couple days ago when I was watching something mushy on TV

Coming soon.

An actual post!! I know Ive been MIA. That illness I said that Keaton had. Lasted for about 10 days. Then Kolby got it. Now Kyler has it. So needless to say Ihavent been doing a heck of alot let alone blogging. Kyler seems to be feeling better this morning-but that means nothing...He has a fever most of the day...coughs so hard he throws up...nauseaus so he throws up... and did I forget to mention that my husband , Kolby and Kyler all have pink eye. I know. It seems like it will never end. Kolbys eyes seem better after 2 days on medication but Kyler and Tysons are still pretty red so Im thinking they may need different drops. So thats the low-down. My house is germ haven and I have managed to escape thus far without being infected. I am however sure that once everyone else is healthy and up to no good THEN-and only then I will get it and have to chase these 3 unruly boys : ) Thats how it works when your a mom.

On another note... halloween is coming :) Its one of the funnest holidays I think and I cant wait to do up my yard- I go ALL OUT. so look back for some pictures later- maybe early next week.

Yes. I do know that Funnest. Funner. They are not words- I am also a firm believer that they should be.

Funnest- (fun-est) A term used when determining something is of the most fun.
Funner- (fun-rr) When something is more fun.

What do you think

Thursday, October 9, 2008

my poor boy : (

Well Keaton has been sick since Monday, staying at home since Tuesday , on the couch , lethargic , and so darn cute. Today I decided that since he doesn't seem to be getting better he should go to the doctor. He would barely eat the last 2 days , thrown up a couple times , fever , cough.
We just got back from having blood taken... several attempted IVs... with me , two nurses, and the doctor all trying to hold him down. His veins are collapsed from dehydration so they couldn't get one to take... we are now home with Gravol , Pedialyte , Antibiotics (for strep throat!!!) and instructions that if he doesn't get fluids down and keep them in we have to go back and have him sedated so they can get an IV in. I feel like such a neglecting parent or something... he hasn't even said to me once that his throat hurt! I thought the main problem was nausea . I feel horrible. My poor guy. I swear Tyson could have heard him screaming from across town.
Yeah. not fun. Say a prayer for my boy to feel better and get hydrated so we don't have to do the sedation.

Monday, September 29, 2008


So Ive been thinking the last few days of what I wanted to write in this post or HOW I wanted to write it.

Late last week there was an 18 year old grade 12 girl in my town killed in a Rollover...she was driving home with 3 friends...they all escaped with minor injuries...and she was found dead at the scene. 'some of the vehicles occupants were not wearing seatbelts'

A few years ago a friend of mine fell asleep at the wheel on his way to work... hit an approach and rolled the vehicle. He was not wearing a seatbelt. He was 22 years old. Too young.

Last fall a grade 12 boy in town was driving home from hockey practice. Rolled his truck. Again - no seatbelt...he didnt make it either.

Im sure you all have your own stories of this happening because it happens way too much. It has really been weighing on my mind and I am terrified. I teach my boys that they HAVE to wear seatbelts or they will die.I know Harsh. but I want them to get it. My mother taught me the same thing... For the most part I did. And now I always do. But I also know there were a couple times that I didnt and that is all that it takes. one time. Climb in the car with your buddies and there arent as many seatbelts as people.Oh well. You'll be fine. Not neccessarily. Hop in to drive a short distance- you dont need it. Sure.

Its something that Im sure everyone has done at least once in their life and unfortunately for many that is what ended their lives.

Its not only seatbelts. There are many things that we need to teach our kids and protect them from but how? My kids are young - Ive got alot of time to guide them ...But even more time to worry.

All we can do is teach them as best we can and hope that its good enough and really sticks with them ...because no one but God can decide what the future holds. So I guess for now I just pray that I NEVER have to go through what so many parents have.

On a lighter note Kyler is banging me on the head and Kolby wants to watch Tay Vay.lol So Im going to go spend some time with my incredibly cute kids and enjoy them while they still want to hang out with me: )

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

7 things

So a few days ago Nathan on Confessions of a CF Husband blog did a post called 7 things... he posted stuff that no one would know about him. I thought it was a cool idea and he invited others to follow suit so I thought Id like to try. I have been thinking about it since then and honestly don't know if I have 7 things that no one would know about me. I'm going to try though.

1. My favorite color is not purple. Many people think this as It was my favorite color for years...Now though. I honestly don't think I have a favorite color and If I had to pick one It would probably be brown.or green. or maybe red. See what I mean!? I just like color. not one in specific.

2.Uh oh. see. I cant even think of two! Here's one that I guarantee no one knows or expects. I will be the next Canadian Idol.lol. that is a long running joke with my husband and I ... I even have all my songs picked for Auditions.lol. Anyone who actually knows me knows how atrocious this is.

3.All through high school I was bound and determined I was going to be a lawyer . Until I realized that no one really likes lawyers.

4.I didn't like children. I didn't want to be around them , I didn't want to babysit them , I did not think I wanted to have any ... Wow what a difference 6 years can make- now I cant imagine life without my boys :)

5.I love to draw/paint . My family knows it and that is about it. My real passion was art and I seriously thought of Majoring in it in University but the immense fear that I wouldn't be good enough stopped me . Law would have been easy. I could learn and memorize and get by fine... Whereas with my art either I had it or I didn't.I didn't want to chance that. I don't regret it. I just think its really sad.

6.I'm having a really hard time here if you cant tell.lol.

7.I love the smell of Avon Bubble bath. Ive been using it for cleaner lately -it works great and smells even better.

I PROMISE I will try and get some more pics up soon... I just haven't been on the computer that I have them on : )

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Leaf Umbrella

I keep trying to remind myself to post that the second picture I put of Kolby in my last post is of him using his 'leaf umbrella' Of course he was kind enough to give me my own as well - Sorry , no pictures of that.

Since Tuesday of this week Keaton has been walking to school by himself. You may say I'm nuts... hes only 5!! until you discovered that we live right across from the school and I can watch him go right in the doors .lol. Slightly overprotective mother here walking her child to pre-school , kindergarten , and first grade when you live across the street from the school . Anyway- the point of this tangent is that he has to walk along a long chain link fence with trees on the other side to get to the school. So every morning I walk him across the street and he darts like a maniac into the bushes to find his 'tree' ; A branch that he drags along the fence on his walk... hides in the bush again when he reaches the other end of the fence... and then after school he drags it back so he can hide it for his next mornings walk .lol. Pretty cute to begin with. Until today when I picked him up in the Durango because I was out and about... and had more things to do downtown. He REFUSED to come with me until I agreed that when we were going home I would drop him off so he could get his stick and bring it home for the next day!!! So fine...I'm alright with that. Then the poor guy couldn't find his stick!? the devastation lasted only moments until he found a suitable replacement which has now taken its spot at the beginning of the fence for tomorrow morning : ) Don't kids just make you smile.

Tomorrow I will have some new pics up of Kyler helping his Daddy 'fix' today. It was too cute as well but I have to ration my stories .lol.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tis the season

Playtime-last week : we built a fort : )
Well its been a bit since I posted... We have all had colds so Ive been in hibernation mode. The weather though has been absolutely gorgeous so I'm hoping it holds out to allow us to finish some of the renovations. Yesterday Keaton went to the "Grandparents Day Walk' with his Baba so while he was away Kolby and I hung out on the trampoline ( Kyler was asleep ) While laying down I determined the view above the trampoline was gorgeous so I got out the camera. We had a great time and once Keaton got home I made sure I got some of him as well. Kyler missed out on all the action.

My View from the Trampoline


Kolby upset that Keaton was now getting all the picture taking attention and not him

And Kolby again.
Not alot new has happened since I last posted. We have been doing the odd job around the house so I got another window painted (3 out of 16 done.UGH) Tyson got my rock hauled in for the front yard and now I have to figure out how to put the house numbers up... I will have to take a photo because its a gorgeous rock. And I got my gravel for the sidewalk out back : ) Those two things have been a long time coming.
Yesterday the boys and I had some fun time in the camper... They played monopoly and watched Ice Age2 while I tried to clean it out before winter. Keaton went in the house to make us juice to drink and a good 20 minutes later when he brought the juice out It was time to go in for lunch... The camper was clean and I was happy. After lunch I went out to 'supervise' Tyson dropping off the gravel and when I went inside Kolby was missing. After the old ' Kolby where are you!?' I decided to check the camper -there was pants on the bathroom floor , pee in the potty , and a giggle coming from under the covers in the 'master bedroom'. What a kid- he is seriously obsessed with peeing in the camper bathroom. Well that's it that's all. Oh. and the Tis the Season Title refers to Cold Season and the changing of the leaves. In my hurry to decide on what all to post I forgot that I had a plan when I wrote the title : )

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Day

Well. Today is just another day in the life... I thought I had better post something since I'm really trying to keep up on this. Kyler had his Dr. Appt yesterday and all that was determined was that he would ' do some research' and get me in with a pediatrician so Its wait and see for now.

They had an information night in town yesterday where all the different organizations set up booths so we told the boys we had to go to sign up for hockey... We did our thing and then when leaving the hall Kolby busted out with the most pathetic fake cry you will ever hear because he 'Want play Hockey' poor guy-he thought he was going to get to do it right then and there. After explaining he needs new skates then he was fine with it. Which. by the way . As a fundraiser I had to buy $200 worth of Minor Hockey calendars to sell. Hint Hint Grandma. since I know you read this. They are $20 each and go to a great cause -I mean look how cute those boys are- how could anyone say no! If you know anyone that would like one let me know.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I know. Its only been two minutes since I posted last. But I just found out that my Best friend since Grade 2 is having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And her phoneline is busy so I had to gush somewhere. Tanya. I know you dont read this . But still . Im sooo happy for you honey! Kabes will be such a great big sister : )


I wrote this poem when I was in High school and for some reason it has been on my mind today.

When life looks down ,
when times get tough ,
when things don't go your way...

Take those times ,
take those moments ,
and save them for a better day.

Let them be your guiding light ,
they'll help you go a ways.

Don't let lifes drops take you down ,
Just let them pave your way.

I don't know why but out of all the poetry I have written this has been the one that has stuck with me.

I didn't take Kyler to the Doctor today because Keaton was home from school with a cold... Although I did make an appointment for Kyler tomorrow - so I'm hoping Keaton will be feeling up to going back to school. It drives me crazy because when ever he is sick I prefer to keep him home so he doesn't 'infect' his class whereas most parents could care less. Therefore explaining this mystery cold that came on after his 1st week of school. Poor Guy. I just hope it doesn't make its way through all of us as it usually does : )

Sunday, September 7, 2008

oh boy.

So this is what my poor baby woke up looking like this morning. A few months ago he woke up with his eye looking the same only the eye was crossed and unresponsive. I panicked, called my hubby at work crying, and when he got home went to the ER(a hour or so later) The eye had slowly gotten better by the time we got to the doctor. They asked a million questions (family history of brain cancer!? not a question that put my mind at ease) and finally determined that the eye seemed 'fine now' and if it happened again to bring him in right away. Well I walked on pins and needles for days and it never happened again so I figured it was just a fluke thing. Until it was sagging this morning. The eye itself seemed to be completely normal and responding fine so that is a bit of a relief. Just to be safe though I took some pictures and will go see the doctor again this week to see what they think. Again though- within a couple hours his eye was back to normal. So I don't know whats going on and if I'm worrying for nothing.I still cant help but worry though.
What else? Tyson and I actually got to go out last night : ) It doesn't happen too often and I had had a rough day between all the whining/fighting/not listening I really needed to get out. Tyson called his mom and she came right over. We were expecting to be the only ones at the bar since the town is so small and its usually empty (with the exception of the die-hard VLT players)but it was the UFC fight last night and it was packed. So that was nice to visit with some other Adults. We were home by midnight. I know . We're daredevils . Never fail , we stay out 'late' and once we got home Kyler was up 3 times during the night.
That's about all that's exciting today ; and that I managed to sweep & mop all the floors(cleaning under the couches too! eek.) .

Friday, September 5, 2008

Another day.

Handsome or what!? This is Keaton on his SECOND day of grade one... As I mentioned before It slipped my mind in the morning mayhem of day1 . Also If anyone can share with me how to have typing ABOVE the picture... maybe Im late and tired and thats why I cant get it . Not sure : )

I also had to record another memory. We went for supper tonight with my husbands uncle Arthur (Tyson was working a hockey bingo so it was the boys and I) Kyler was kind of peeved that he had no food yet so Keaton sang him a lullaby as he does quite often and Kyler LOVES it. Well a couple minutes later Kyler was singing away(he loves to sing) when I noticed he was singing lalaba...lalaba...lalaba. SO CUTE! this is my baby who hardly says mom or dad let alone lullaby. It just melted my heart. I wish I had a video camera. Of course no one else at the table noticed and when I made a big deal out of it Kyler did his little smile/giggle/I'm so proud of myself thing and wouldn't repeat the show for everyone else. What a sweet heart.

Oh yeah . Kolby told Art that he couldn't take him or Kyler home to live with him... but he could have Keaton ; that is until Kolby heard the word McDonald's -then he was ready to pack up and move with Art. That child of mine and McDonald's- I tell ya!

SEE! I tried adding the pictures of the flowers here and they went up top!

Okay. click and drag. I got it. I must have woke up a little for the moment . lol . These are pictures of the flowers I picked in my yard yesterday. I am SO in love with this rosebush, I planted it this spring ( along with 2 others) and they are just beautiful. I pray they make it through the winter because every time I see them getting a new blossom it makes my day.

Well I am off to bed for the night. Tyson is still at Bingo. not many times do you hear a woman say something like that!

The Hiccups hate baking Cookies

A couple weeks ago Keaton and I were baking cookies and I had a serious case of the hiccups.

Prepare yourself for the profound knowledge of a 5 year old and his belief that factories make everything.

Keaton was stirring away at the cookie dough and told me that I needed to have drink of water to make the hiccups go away .

I asked him where they will go.

His reply ? They wont go to me because hiccups HATE baking and Im making cookies.

Why do hiccups hate baking?

BECAUSE when the factories were making the very first hiccup they made the hiccup bake and it hated it because it had no arms to mix the dough.

Well. good enough for me. and it must be true because when my hiccups went away they never went to the baker extroadinare : )

Had to share that since Its been written on my calender since then

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Grade One

EDIT** heres a couple of those pics but shhhhhh. they havent seen them yet .
If only they knew! They were having a fit after the shoot when I wouldnt
let them see them :b

Well, it is official ; My oldest boy is a full time student now. He had his first day of grade one today and loved it. Although I am already kicking myself in the butt for forgetting to take a picture of him ready for school - after reminding myself not to forget a million times. I think I will take some tomorrow even though it wont be as official. lol. I am really having a difficult time deciding what to say when I write on here as it has been waaaaayyyyyyy too long since I have done writing of any sort. I used to love to write - stories , poetry , novels , really anything and it has been way too long . My only hope is that as I get more and more into it that I will see the formerly sweet writing juices begin to flow again... so if anyone reads this. Please do bear with me. My grammar is poor from too many years of IM-ing and far too few recent times of actual writing.
This weekend my mom , brother and his girlfriend were all down for a visit. It was nice because it was most likely one of the last 'nice' weekends left of the summer so we filled it with trying to finish things on the house. I ended up doing my moms and Brianne's nails for them , Siding & Shingling the dog house , silicone & paint windows ; needless to say my hands are like sandpaper and no amount of lotion in the world is helping with the problem.
Today while Keaton was in school I began my work with Kolby . He isn't ready for playschool so I decided that every day when Keaton is in school Kolby and I will have one hour of 'school' at home. Today we did puzzles and worked on our colors... He knows all of them already but alot of the pages have coloring / tracing so I figured it couldnt hurt to do them anyway to help with his motor skills and become acquainted with our school time. Wow. that sentence runs on and on. GRAMMAR. that is going to drive me nuts trying to get into the habit of using it properly again.
I am off for the night... I am going to work on editing pictures that I took of Ken and Brianne while they were here. I may just have to add a couple on here once I get them done : )

Oh. did I forget to mention how beautiful my children are? We had a really great day today.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Im working on it : )

So I have spent FAAAAAAAARRRRR too long in front of the computer today but am bound and determined to redo the blog and keep up on it faithfully. For now my boys need some mommy time so Im off and will hopefully be on again soon to play : )

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The forces beyond.

So. I sit here. blogging again -finally . during the week I FINALLY got to go camping with our new 5th wheel. Only there seems to be a slight problem...Im in my office! Long story short. someone up above has different plans for us apparently. The first camping attempt 3 weeks ago we got a call that our sod was ready... so no more camping... home to lay sod and water grass for a couple weeks. fine. we started planning this week for camping and booked our spot. from Tues until Sun. Well Monday night Kyler came down with a heck of a fever and was downright miserable... so I haul him to the dr. thinking ear infection... and nothing... so we hauled the camper to the lake and head home so he can get a good nights sleep and we'll go the next day. well. next morning Kolby is sick and throwing up all day. Now today Keaton is permanently glued to the couch and not feeling well!!! so there goes camping for another day. Im just hoping that everyone will feel better and we can at least spend the weekend out there since we paid for the week and would like to spend a little time out there in our new investment... that we would use sooooo much.lol. So Im crossing my fingers for that. I guess its nice in a way because today is gloomy and rainy whereas the weekend is supposed to be beautiful . Other than that not much is new. Our friends that bought our last house had a baby boy about 2 weeks ago. Trystn. hes gorgeous and I cant wait to do the baby photos : ) Well. off to tend to my whiny baby : )

Friday, June 27, 2008


Kyler loving grass instead of dirt

My hubby is the one giving me a dirty look- like seriously-she has the camera out again!!??
And thats my brother in law up front.

Keaton was being taught how to lay sod by our friend Dallyn

well. I have determined that I am the ultimate slacker when it comes to blog land... I have time to read everyone elses a couple times a day and never manage to write anything on my own. Its a gorgeous day today... Keaton is at a friends until 3:30 , Kolby is watching Dora , Kyler is sleeping and I should be doing payroll but gave up on that this morning after I was ALMOST finished and Kyler unplugged the computer- losing all my work. ugh. Oh well, I 'll finish tonight when Tyson is home to watch the boys . Wednesday night we laid the sod in our yard so I can actually keep my house clean now... having a dirt yard for nearly a year- not so friendly with 3 kids in and out of the house! ANYWHO. Im going to post some pictures of Kyler and Keaton 'helping' with the sod. Kolby spent pretty much the entire time hiding under the patio table or in the house since there were quite a few people here and he is amazingly anti-social/shy... not sure which it is.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Boy Oh Boy

well. Its been quite a while.

Kyler is now a Walker... I thought it would never happen! We were trying to help him walk and he took about 10 steps when he was 11 months old and then NOTHING. just after his first birthday he started taking a step or two- he was a little scared. and now the last 3 or 4 days he has just been cruising... And he is sooo proud of himself. it is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

On another note. don't remember if I blogged this but about a week ago he was in his highchair snacking and I was on here...again... I thought to myself. wow. he is sure being quiet ... So I snuck out to find this : oops. apparently I don't know what I'm doing because the pictures are above this and I cant figure out how to change it. Oh WELL. and I have some more good stuff to come... Lets just say Keaton and Kolby are definitely goal oriented.... but I need to put some pics on my computer before I can blog that. Also. I know. I am NOT using proper English- do you know how much effort it would take to do that AND watch 3 kids? so its not happening.lol.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not too much to report

Not too much new has been going on... I'll update later on all things that are my life but for now I wanted to put some pictures up that I took of my boys on a rainy day over the weekend... Kyler was sleeping so he missed out : )

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May Long Weekend.

Kyler and his Dad... big brothers on Back... Harrowing the yard : )

Well the weekend is over and Mother Nature apparently feels the need to make that brutally clear. It was the most beautiful weather all weekend and now its over ... its cold windy and Im waiting for the rain. Actually for 3 days of rain... thats what they're forecasting anyway. Saturday the boys and I went to visit my mom... they had so much fun outside watering grandmas flowers and she had filled the pool so of course the 'big boys' filled the water guns to play since they're not too into pools... and my water baby- he was a handful. like moths to the flame he was to water. I was actually putting the lid on Kolbys watergun when WHOA. Kyler dives headfirst into the pool. it was freezing... he was completely submerged... one quick gasp. I swooped him out of there and he didnt even let out a cry. he was just shocked and then he wanted back in!! The kid has no desire to learn to walk but apparently wants to swim! now hes beckoning me from the side of the office chair with his little giggle and whine - trying to get in on the typing action... so I better go and hang with my boys :)

Monday, May 12, 2008


I meant to add a picture with my last post : ) What a darn cute 1 year old if I say so myself!