Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

Its been very hectic here with the holidays and Keatons 6th birthday coming up TOMORROW. I tell you ; where did the 6 years go? It seems like yesterday It was8:56pm or maybe 8:54 (I should look that up.) on New years Eve and I was finally holding my gorgeous baby boy. He was 8lbs 12oz , 22 inches long and Gorgeous... Aside from his immensely squished nose which I feared may be permanent at the time. Now here I am an instant later prepping for his first party with school friends invited. I wish I could hit rewind because everything is going far too fast for me. And his nose has turned out fine.

Christmas time...

Christmas Eve my Mom and Brother showed up around 12:30 , My mom and I went downtown to grab a few last minute things ... Another small gift for Tyson , Check out all the Christmas stuff that was 60% off in case there was something we needed , stop and grab some beer for the guys. Which by the way did not even get opened until yesterday when I emptied the full case into the fridge. Were big drinkers. lol. When we got home Tyson was miserable because of course according to him we had taken too long. Men. We went about our day... finished wrapping... I read the Nativity story again to the boys... had my burnt chicken cordon blue with scalloped potatoes and salad for supper. Got everyone dressed and headed for church. We were quite early so we drove around looking at Christmas lights... Kolby was instantly mad and crying because we were going the wrong way for church. He is a bundle of Joy. One of the moodiest children I have ever met. At church Tyson spent the majority of the time out of the chapel trying to entertain Kyler. Kolby spent most of his time following the lines in the hymn book with his fake candle and singing.

After Church we went home and got ready for bed. Keaton made a snack tray with carrots and reindeer food for ' Rudolph and his gang' Kolby picked two chocolate chip cookies for Santa's treats with a glass of milk - Keaton wrote Santa a quick note. we were in the living room when there was suddenly a knock at the back door . It opened and a booming voice called in. HO HO HO- Merry Christmas! the boys saw Santa and all darted for the back door but we were too late to catch him. I was carrying Kyler and tripped on Santa's bag , landing on Kolbys foot and slamming Kyler into the closet. Nicely done mom. They had a good cry and were ready to open presents. They all got the cutest Jammies and then they were allowed to open one gift... Keaton got an Easy bake oven( no I don't think I will ever recover from the amount of criticism I have received over buying that for him.lol. But he likes to bake. Come ON!) Kolby got a Diego Sit N Spin... It was a hit with all 3 boys... And Kyler got lucky,he had his present open before I realized while snapping pictures that is was the wrong present- It was Kolbys for the next day! We got that straightened out and Kyler got to open his little Toy Hammer. We Played , Read Twas the Night Before Christmas and then off to bed to wait for Santa. About 2 hours later Keaton woke up crying that Santa wasn't coming back. So much for him insisting to me for the last week that the most important part of Christmas was remembering baby Jesus' birthday. That was put on the back burner for the fear that Santa wouldn't return. Kids. lol. And let me add. Poor Daddy completely missed out this year again when Santa stopped in!!

Pictures soon to come. Yet again they are on the other computer :)

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