Wednesday, October 29, 2008

exciting surprise

I know... I didnt post it yesterday... All day - not sure what I did... But last night we had hockey for Kolby and Keaton which is quite a chore so after that I wanted nothing more than the TV and a little 90210 and House. lol . so thats what I did. nothing!

The surprise is that I have a new blog for the gift company my mom and I are starting :) Dont worry- Im not trying to sell you anything! Its just exciting for us and I wouldnt mind some feedback on the site and products. With that said though It is not finished so Im not going to let anyone see it yet. I was going to try and get everything finished up yesterday but never got around to it ... I ended up going shopping for basketwrap and coming home with a ton of stuff for other baskets. Its addicting. but Im cut off.. Ive spent far too much money and although Im confident our stuff will sell. Im now so I have to cut myself off.

Hockey last night... If I get time I'll post on that later... But Im going to wake up my sweet little angel. Babies are so darn cute.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lazy Days

Today was one of those days where I just didn't get anything done. Honestly. I don't think I can name one thing constructive that I did. HOWEVER everyone was out of Pajamas by a decent time so I guess that could be one of my great I received a message today from a lady in town... we're friends with her brother and SIL... she was wondering if I had ever considered babysitting as she'll need a sitter come January. I didn't know what to say. I don't want to be rude but honestly most days I feel like I can hardly handle my children without going nuts... let alone adding another to the mix. . . I told her I'd think about it. Heck. I'm just honored that someone would think of me for that .lol. The excitement of being a stay at home mommy.

Tyson just came in the house. His newest work truck has been acting up and wont start so I'm not sure whats going on but I am sooo not happy with that truck. nothing but problems. Anyway. The point of me sharing that is that I'm making this post a short one... have to go see my honey : )

I'll try and post tomorrow- I have some cute cute pictures : ) And for anyone that reads this I may have a little surprise in store... Don't get yourself all worked up. Its not that exciting-well for me it is...but it will be something new : ) at least to some of you. Grandma knows what it is so don't get all excited reading this and waiting for the surprise

Good night to all .

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I know. 3 posts in one day. Im crazy!! Im just trying to catch up on what Ive been trying to do for weeks now : ) 4 little men and girly twins did this and invited others to as well... go into your photos...6th folder...6th picture. This is what I got. I was trying to get a cute spur of the moment pic with all the boys a few months ago... this wasnt the best one. But still. insanely cute... how could it not be with all those handsome guys in there. So go ahead... feel free to do it as well... I know you have folders and folders of pictures you havent looked at in ages so this is a good excuse to do so :)

31 things

1. Where is your cell phone? Dead in my Purse
2. Where is your significant other? work
3. Your hair color? dark brown. not for long hopefully I'll get to the salon for something new soon.
4. Your mother? Karen
5. Your father? Lyle
6. Your favorite thing? {at this moment} making gift baskets : )
7. Your dream last night? wait. did I sleep last night?
8. Your dream/goal? To be the best mom/wife possible and still have time for myself
9. The room you're in? My bedroom
10. Your hobby? photography,art, carpentry,renovating,really anything to keep busy.
11. Your fear? losing a loved one
12. Where do you want to be in six years? in our dream home out in the country with my boys playing out in the field while I suntan. : ) Maybe that dream doesnt include
13. Where were you last night? at home
14. What you’re not? a big phone talker
15. One of your wish list items? Camera stuff.
16. Where you grew up? Saskatchewan/Alberta border
17. The last thing you did? attempted to work on brochures
18. What are you wearing? Jeans and a white FOX tee
19. Your TV? downstairs.
20. Your pet? Molly- Pomimo
21. Your computer? PC
22. Your mood? bored and should be cleaning :)
23. Missing someone? my mommy! lol.
24. Your car? Dodge Durango
25. Something you’re not wearing?socks
26. Favorite store? Old Navy
27. Your summer? was there a summer this year?
28. Love someone? My boys
29. Your favorite color?brown,orange,red,green,eggplant. I like all colors equally. with the exception of neon.
30. When is the last time you laughed? 5 Minutes ago when Kolby called his dad Coach Daddy on the phone(they start hockey today)
31. Last time you cried? Dont remember. A couple days ago when I was watching something mushy on TV

Coming soon.

An actual post!! I know Ive been MIA. That illness I said that Keaton had. Lasted for about 10 days. Then Kolby got it. Now Kyler has it. So needless to say Ihavent been doing a heck of alot let alone blogging. Kyler seems to be feeling better this morning-but that means nothing...He has a fever most of the day...coughs so hard he throws up...nauseaus so he throws up... and did I forget to mention that my husband , Kolby and Kyler all have pink eye. I know. It seems like it will never end. Kolbys eyes seem better after 2 days on medication but Kyler and Tysons are still pretty red so Im thinking they may need different drops. So thats the low-down. My house is germ haven and I have managed to escape thus far without being infected. I am however sure that once everyone else is healthy and up to no good THEN-and only then I will get it and have to chase these 3 unruly boys : ) Thats how it works when your a mom.

On another note... halloween is coming :) Its one of the funnest holidays I think and I cant wait to do up my yard- I go ALL OUT. so look back for some pictures later- maybe early next week.

Yes. I do know that Funnest. Funner. They are not words- I am also a firm believer that they should be.

Funnest- (fun-est) A term used when determining something is of the most fun.
Funner- (fun-rr) When something is more fun.

What do you think

Thursday, October 9, 2008

my poor boy : (

Well Keaton has been sick since Monday, staying at home since Tuesday , on the couch , lethargic , and so darn cute. Today I decided that since he doesn't seem to be getting better he should go to the doctor. He would barely eat the last 2 days , thrown up a couple times , fever , cough.
We just got back from having blood taken... several attempted IVs... with me , two nurses, and the doctor all trying to hold him down. His veins are collapsed from dehydration so they couldn't get one to take... we are now home with Gravol , Pedialyte , Antibiotics (for strep throat!!!) and instructions that if he doesn't get fluids down and keep them in we have to go back and have him sedated so they can get an IV in. I feel like such a neglecting parent or something... he hasn't even said to me once that his throat hurt! I thought the main problem was nausea . I feel horrible. My poor guy. I swear Tyson could have heard him screaming from across town.
Yeah. not fun. Say a prayer for my boy to feel better and get hydrated so we don't have to do the sedation.