Sunday, May 1, 2011

Change of plans

Since I last wrote...

-Got the call that the appointment was set up with the MFM specialist...For this PAST FRIDAY! That was WAY sooner than I was anticipating getting in!

-Had our MFM appointment/ultrasound... Two Ultrasounds in less than 2 weeks!

And we officially have a game plan!

Both babies 'look fine right now'
It looks as though we will be going up to Edmonton every two weeks from now on at a minimum... Our next appointment is Friday the 13th! Yikes! That appointment will be the same as this past one, but she is also having us go somewhere else to have a fetal echo(ultrasound) of both babies hearts that day...If all looks well then, she said that we will try to work out a plan so that I wont have to go there any more frequently than bi-weekly... we'll set it up so I still do all of my regular monitoring here and then am up there every second Friday.

We discussed delivering in Edmonton... and from the sounds of things... It looks like that is where that is going to happen...

There was a whole lot of, if this,
or this happens you will deliver in edmonton,
or this... and you'll deliver in Edmonton...
OR, Just because of all the risks associated with what we're dealing with,
we might just want you to deliver in Edmonton irregardless.

So we both got the inclination that she wants to deliver in Edmonton. I think I am still in denial about that...

I'm planning to make it as far as they'll let me (38weeks)... and then I'll deliver here... without a cesarian...

She also discussed possibly finding me an OB in Edmonton and then I'd have to do everything there... so really. Looks like we might be going up there quite a bit- which is a hassle... but if it means me delivering two healthy babies it is all worth it!

So that is where we are at right now.
at the last ultrasound baby B had caught up to A in size... Now this Ultrasound he was AHEAD of his brother by almost a week! I'm a little worried about that...but if they keep telling me all is fine then I'm going to trust them and go with the flow... I'm lucky enough to have them monitoring me very closely so It definitly puts my mind at ease!

Coming later this week. Less Medical mumbo jumbo baby talk... and more BOYS! Kyler got an early birthday gift and I've got some really cute photos of him showing it off!