Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Day

Well. Today is just another day in the life... I thought I had better post something since I'm really trying to keep up on this. Kyler had his Dr. Appt yesterday and all that was determined was that he would ' do some research' and get me in with a pediatrician so Its wait and see for now.

They had an information night in town yesterday where all the different organizations set up booths so we told the boys we had to go to sign up for hockey... We did our thing and then when leaving the hall Kolby busted out with the most pathetic fake cry you will ever hear because he 'Want play Hockey' poor guy-he thought he was going to get to do it right then and there. After explaining he needs new skates then he was fine with it. Which. by the way . As a fundraiser I had to buy $200 worth of Minor Hockey calendars to sell. Hint Hint Grandma. since I know you read this. They are $20 each and go to a great cause -I mean look how cute those boys are- how could anyone say no! If you know anyone that would like one let me know.

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