Sunday, August 16, 2009


you can see a sneak peek of the wedding at my photography blog

where you can ALSO see the number I did on my foot!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wedding Day!

I am shooting a wedding today so it would only be fitting to share with you that I was in the hospital until midnight last night after I sprained my ankle loading our vehicle for today...nice right! Luckily I have a friend of mine coming with me today so Im sure she will be alot of help for this old Keep your eyes on here...Maybe I'll give you a little sneak peek tomorrow! Oh. I forgot to add...its been grey and rainy since yesterday....not great considering its supposed to be an outdoor wedding!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Favorite Vacation spots...


First of all... I have not had much...
If any....
chance to travel since having children and seeing as I started that at 19 I think it goes without saying that I just haven't had much of a chance to travel
Before then I did visit the Rocky Mountains which are about a 7hour drive...many lakes...went to Victoria ,BC with my art club in school... AND...wait for it...
Paris, France when I was 15

Those were the days before digital and frankly I don't know where any of the pictures are to scan so you get a google image :)

Although I am not well travelled I would say that is one of my favorite vacation spots... it was so rich with history, culture, and of course shopping... I swear I was depressed for weeks coming home to little prairie town Alberta. lol.It was just beautiful...and hopefully one day I will see it again.

Other Vacation spots? Well I would LOVE to visit Ireland or Scotland...Beautiful right? LOVE IT. Another perk is the whole Gerard Butler with the accent in the movie PS I Love you...Although I'm married I'd still like to meet a man like that! lol

Since having the boys... lets see... Ive been to The Rocky Mountains a couple times... Drumheller,AB

The Calgary Zoo..which was great...and all of which posts are coming soon! Cant wait to see everyone else's favorite vacation spots so I can start dreaming!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Oh wow. What haven't I done this time? Lets see.

This week I finally broke down and decided that maybe, just maybe its time my house needed an all out cleaning. I spent an entire day cleaning all boys rooms , they are now spotless. However I did NOT take anything that I couldn't find a place for and shove it in my bedroom. I have not kept my bedroom door shut since avoiding the disaster zone and I do not need to spend another entire day straightening things out in there. Eek. That's all I can say.

Last weekend we all went on a 3 day vacation in which Alberta saw thunderstorms like it never has before. How those were not Tornados I am not sure but it was NASTY. Just go to you tube and look up Big Valley Jamboree 2009. That's a little taste of what my holiday was like. okay back on topic now. This was not our first time tenting since our honeymoon 5 years ago... and the tent was not utterly destroyed by the storms before we even got a chance to sleep in it. I did not abandon the tent in the campsite and never go back. Not me. I also did not dream about my brand new 5th wheel sitting at home while I was laying in the 6" of water that pooled in our tent...trying to get our air mattress' to safety.

Okay its been an hour. my kids are fed. one is napping... I can hear this soother squeaking from his bedroom... and the other two ran across the street to play at the new park.


I came up stairs to start cleaning the previously mentioned master bedroom. I am most definitely NOT putting that off and trying to finish my not me post. Nope. Not me. I also cannot see 4 glasses, a bag of gummy bears, Tupperware full of change, a months worth of mail, diaper cakes, towel cakes, sticky Velcro, jewelry box, wedding invites, childs toy aquarium, and 3 dead pens in front of me. My room could not be that messy. And I am not sparing you and leaving out the other 99% of the mess. eek. Well I guess I'm off. I have now worked myself into a frenzy and must clean.

Cant wait to read some of the things you did not do this week... I tend to draw a blank when its time to write about it so my not-Me's usually lack the lustre of a professional not-me-er like McMamma. Oh well :) Don't you just love how I always strive to write with proper grammar... that's me. A perfectionist. HA

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

Okay maybe not Alabama... Im heading home to visit my mommy for the weekend. Its okay to still call her mommy even though Im a grown woman right!? So the picture full ... summer catch up excitement is officially on hold until Sunday night... or most likely Monday morning. farewell and I'll leave you with a little food for thought.

You will never guess what my next post is going to be about!! HA

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The early morning mind.

You know when you first wake up in the morning... everything in the house is still silent...and you can actually still hear yourself enough to think? Well this morning I lie in bed thinking about....BLOGGING! (and going to the neighboring town for groceries...but that's not what my point is here). SO. I'm laying in bed thinking of what adventure I should share next...I finally decided I should TRY and go in chronological order. Only to realize. Okay... wait- but my last post was about swimming- which was NOT the first thing chronologically. So that method is out. Then it hits me. I went through all the trouble of coming up with the clever 3 infused title for yesterdays post... referring to our 3 day getaway this past weekend... and then did not blog about it!? Who does that!! Apparently I do. So take that blog land. Totally random post titles! HA.

Well. Don't worry. I will be making a NEW post in the days to come with that SAME title... but this time you will actually get the goods.

So whats on the menu for today you ask? Well todays special is Canada day with your choice of Keaton , Kolby or Kyler .

Just look at those sugar induced glassy eyes. Oh the joys of a parade!

You can just tell by the way hes holding his hand that hes just waiting to jump out into the road at the first sight of someone throwing

THIS. This is a great parade float. To make a long story short. We live in a SMALL town. The people on town council think that our 300 tourists in a 5 year period need a new visitor information center (you know... to tell them they're in the middle of nowhere with nothing to see)
So they fund raise their butts off to build this "Tourist information Eco Center" which is going to be 'green'

Its all about the environment baby... solar panels... motion sensor activated stuff... I don't know what else. Honestly I haven't paid much attention since they miffed me.

So they go to start building this ECO center.

wait for it


they cut down the 3 oldest trees in town to build on top of them!

If that's not environmentally friendly thinking I don't know what it (roll my eyes) So this is the point that float is making. Kudos to who ever put it together!!

Here's my wild man... he was a machine I tell you! And a Hawk eye. whoo!

The whole gang... since we live right on the parade route there was a ton of friends and family that came over to share a few beers and watch... Here I believe we have my husbands cousin Hillary's elbow... his little cousin Piper... my 3 boys and Honey...His brother behind him... and Tyson's Aunt Kathy in the left hand corner with the camera... Shes a great photographer. LOVE HER.

Well that's it for todays excitement! see you soon! HA.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Baby and I , 3 days , 3 boys , and 1300 kms

Okay. In all honesty it was closer to 1600 kms but I was trying to stick with the 3's in order to keep the title 'catchy' for my whole 1-2 devoted readers...HA!

Well. Its been said before. Several times actually. SEVERAL. But I am a slacker. Its been a busy summer for my boys and I ... and it seems the blog has been neglected. AGAIN. Not to worry. I am going to positively overwhelm you in the days/ weeks to come. There's camping trips , a Circus, a Zoo , the Mountains , Birthdays , at home fun... tons of things COMING YOUR WAY!

I'm going to start with this :



Now. I'm sure whether you know me or not... You know children LIKE my children. You know... the ones who scream bloody murder the second a drop of water touches their face... the kind that refuse to lay down in the bath tub or try to claw their way up your arm as your rinsing their hair. Yes . Those children.


WELL. I have two of them. Water haters since birth. Was it something I did ? God only knows. What I know is that any activity ... be it a bath... running in the sprinkler or having a water gun fight is going to end badly. Screaming , crying , snot flying ... that's the way these boys roll. Can't you tell?


well. That may be because of one week... 45 minutes a day... and one(x2) failed salamander class.

And a new day has come! You could search the world round and you would not find a mother happier than I about the fact that both of her children failed swimming lessons. Why you ask? Well.

1.Kolby did not spend every one of his lessons hiding and crying. He partook. and he had fun!

2.since the completion of lessons ...BOTH. yes . BOTH of my boys are now SWIMMING! ALONE!! with life jackets of course... but in water that they cannot reach the ground! eek... even water on their faces!

This past long weekend we were on holidays... as you will see in the days to come.

Well our hotel had a pool. And the boys swam like there was no tomorrow!

No tears ...

no screams...

it was a mothers dream!! Thank you failed salamander lessons!

And just so that you don't get to excited... I forgot my camera in the hotel room during that momentous occasion so don't get too excited waiting for those pictures...not gonna happen.

FYI. yes I know these pictures are gigantic. I was trying something new. didnt work. will not be doing that again so no need to worry. lol. Because I know you were.