Friday, December 5, 2008

Can of Worms

Well. Today is Tyson's Christmas party so of course this morning I panic over what to wear- regretting not buying the dress and shoes I found on Tuesday while I was shopping. There is no where in this town to shop unless I want to spend an insane amt of money on brand name stuff. So that's out. What ever is a girl to do?

Tackle 'the closet'

In an attempt to find clothes that I may have hidden away and forgotten about I decided today was the day to clean my closet. Not the best choice I must say. There are months worth of Christmas presents , stocking stuffers , boys clothes that I had sorted to pack away , Baby items that I couldn't decide if I should part with or save just in case. So now. 2 hours later my closet is impeccably clean. I have several outfits I could wear but not sure if I really want to and a bedroom full of JUNK! albeit it is better than before but I have piles of stuff I thought I should leave out and no idea where to put it now. Add to that I have to do some laundry , clean my house before Baba comes to babysit tonight , shower , do my hair , makeup(the last two are nearly impossible to do on a regular day let alone while I have everything else going on) so what do I find myself doing? Blogging! makes I had to relax for a few minutes before I move on to the next step I guess.

so what to wear. Its not formal or even semi formal for that matter. Yet I never get an excuse to dress up so Do I wear the cute little black and white dress with black high heels and a cardigan since its FREEZING out. or do I just go with Casual and wear jeans a shirt and flats , Or mid range and wear my dressy jeans( which let me add have been hiding since summer and are now loose on me!! I knew I lost weight but really couldn't SEE it until I tried on clothes that have been packed away YAY! ) with high heels , a shirt and sweater vest... or UGH. lol. There are too many options racing in my head!

I guess I should go clean now :) Any outfit advice would be great . Come on people. Just tell me what to wear so I don't have to decide for myself! lol.

On another note I'm going to try and get some new pictures up soon - Ive been really slacking on the picture front. OOH. My mind is all over the place

Can anyone guess what movie Keaton was talking about when he said the other day that he wanted to watch 'The Chemicals of Anugent' !??? lol. its too funny.


Liz said...

just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting my blog last week...glad to hear someone else has the same laundry issues! sorry took me so long to check out your blog...crazy busy over here!

I am the worst at giving advice on clothing...I'm a jeans and sweater/t-shirt kind of a girl and NEVER know what to wear to stuff like that! Good luck and have fun!

Liz said...

You have the cutest boys! I love the "K" names...just adorable