Monday, September 15, 2008

Tis the season

Playtime-last week : we built a fort : )
Well its been a bit since I posted... We have all had colds so Ive been in hibernation mode. The weather though has been absolutely gorgeous so I'm hoping it holds out to allow us to finish some of the renovations. Yesterday Keaton went to the "Grandparents Day Walk' with his Baba so while he was away Kolby and I hung out on the trampoline ( Kyler was asleep ) While laying down I determined the view above the trampoline was gorgeous so I got out the camera. We had a great time and once Keaton got home I made sure I got some of him as well. Kyler missed out on all the action.

My View from the Trampoline


Kolby upset that Keaton was now getting all the picture taking attention and not him

And Kolby again.
Not alot new has happened since I last posted. We have been doing the odd job around the house so I got another window painted (3 out of 16 done.UGH) Tyson got my rock hauled in for the front yard and now I have to figure out how to put the house numbers up... I will have to take a photo because its a gorgeous rock. And I got my gravel for the sidewalk out back : ) Those two things have been a long time coming.
Yesterday the boys and I had some fun time in the camper... They played monopoly and watched Ice Age2 while I tried to clean it out before winter. Keaton went in the house to make us juice to drink and a good 20 minutes later when he brought the juice out It was time to go in for lunch... The camper was clean and I was happy. After lunch I went out to 'supervise' Tyson dropping off the gravel and when I went inside Kolby was missing. After the old ' Kolby where are you!?' I decided to check the camper -there was pants on the bathroom floor , pee in the potty , and a giggle coming from under the covers in the 'master bedroom'. What a kid- he is seriously obsessed with peeing in the camper bathroom. Well that's it that's all. Oh. and the Tis the Season Title refers to Cold Season and the changing of the leaves. In my hurry to decide on what all to post I forgot that I had a plan when I wrote the title : )

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Hey there, WWWAT is over at anyone is welcome! I'll be putting mine in later - I think so please do join! The theme is Beginnings and Endings. Go there and she explains what you need to do (Linking up and all).