Friday, June 27, 2008


Kyler loving grass instead of dirt

My hubby is the one giving me a dirty look- like seriously-she has the camera out again!!??
And thats my brother in law up front.

Keaton was being taught how to lay sod by our friend Dallyn

well. I have determined that I am the ultimate slacker when it comes to blog land... I have time to read everyone elses a couple times a day and never manage to write anything on my own. Its a gorgeous day today... Keaton is at a friends until 3:30 , Kolby is watching Dora , Kyler is sleeping and I should be doing payroll but gave up on that this morning after I was ALMOST finished and Kyler unplugged the computer- losing all my work. ugh. Oh well, I 'll finish tonight when Tyson is home to watch the boys . Wednesday night we laid the sod in our yard so I can actually keep my house clean now... having a dirt yard for nearly a year- not so friendly with 3 kids in and out of the house! ANYWHO. Im going to post some pictures of Kyler and Keaton 'helping' with the sod. Kolby spent pretty much the entire time hiding under the patio table or in the house since there were quite a few people here and he is amazingly anti-social/shy... not sure which it is.

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