Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting There

It is Dec 11! I have been so busy trying to get some things done before Christmas this year... Finishing the Kitchen , TRYING to get my fireplace installed. By that I mean that I have done everything I can ... framing, drywall , mudding and taping , Mantel. all to look great around the fireplace that doesn't work because my husband is missing the motivation I have to get it all done by Christmas. If I had half a clue how to plumb in gas lines then it would be done but I'm not quite that talented/brave . Christmas Decorating inside and out , and Baking .So I have 2 weeks. I can finish right!? This is my attempt at a little pep talk for Today I am doing more mudding and taping , some cleaning , putting up lights outside later and I think I am going to start making my Hermie the Elf for the Christmas display outside. I hadn't wrote anything for a while so I thought I had better at least put something irregardless of how mundane . I did take some photos yesterday with the intention of putting them up on the blog so watch out for that later today. Probably after bedtime actually :)

On another note I'm really having a hard time. Ive been trying to decide what Church I want my family to attend, I grew up going to a Catholic school so I feel pulled to that yet we were married in the United Church and have been to a few masses there since moving here. I really do enjoy the United Church but I find myself wondering what really is the difference between them all and how do I choose. I want God to be a bigger part in our lives and I want my children to learn all that the bible teaches but I'm just really having a hard time 'choosing' a religion. Religion honestly makes little or no sense to me . I believe in essence that we are all worshipping the same God so does what church you do it in really make a difference? I have also had some Jehovah's stalking me .lol. sorry no offense if anyone reading this is a Jehovah's witness. I just don't feel comfortable discussing God with someone that I have no clue what their belief system teaches. I just wish there were a book that had a chart saying we believe this and worship this way - for each religion. That would be so much easier . So if your reading this and belong to a church I would love to hear your opinions and what your religion teaches , Thanks so much :)

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