Sunday, November 30, 2008

The calm after the storm :)

The Craft Sale is all done :) We sold quite a few baskets actually but not enough yet to pay ourselves back... which is fine since my mom is going to take them into her office to try and get rid of some and I am going to Stalk everyone I know that still has Christmas gifts to buy! And we sold the favorite Diaper cake of was so pretty and pink...I will miss seeing it in my house!lol. check it out if you want its still on my basket blog
I only sell locally so sorry if you were interested :) Just thought you might want to see that diaper cake. It was seriously gorgeous...if you watch the baby slide show there is a pic of it all wrapped up on there. Can you tell I have three boys! I just cant stop talking about Pink

I discovered on Tuesday that they will not be judging the houses until Dec 17th so I now have plenty of time to finish my yard decor before then- which Ive already had a ton of compliments so wait until they see the finished product!

The Kitchen? The rest of the cupboards are done and I told my husband that while he was hunting I was going to work on tile. I'm on here instead. Priorities. I know.

Have I told you lately my boys are gorgeous. Seriously. Nothing is more amazing to me than how much a parent loves their children ... even when they're driving you crazy they're cute!

Keaton is the smart crafty one. The one who goes to school and the teacher is amazed because he knows how to do everything before she teaches it to him , he is a sponge ,remembers EVERYTHING. We were at the store today and I asked you know where Kolby put that toy down? he took me across the store, down the aisle and around the corner. There the toys was. with the dinnerware!lol.

Kolby is the imaginative one. he loves any type of superhero and any type of 'weapon' It is the funniest thing to watch him watch tv-he reenacts everything that is going on in the show.And I mean EVERTYTHING.In star wars when the princess is knocked unconscious by Anniken obi-wan reaches down and checks her pulse Kolby reaches down and checks his imaginary princess' pulse. Sorry. I think her name is Queen Amadala maybe.I'm not all that much into Starwars- I'm just subjected to

Kyler. Not 100% sure yet but what I do know is that anything with wheels will get rode and pushed around the house with motor noises endlessly. He is most definitely into the typical boys toys - tractors , trucks , bobcats especially since his daddy has one for work. He is also the snuggler , he just melts into you and actually pushes hard against me to snuggle more. Hes a definite mix between the two big brothers. So smart and so Imaginative... Nothings more fun than seeing your kids personalities emerge :)

Well. That's all for Today ; I think I'll go start tiling .

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