Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here comes Santa ....

It is the season for eating too much, buying too much, and seeing too much of one other person. SANTA. he is everywhere! Now I notice most families have problems with their children at one point being scared beyond belief of the man... Personally in my house it is quite different. NEVER ONCE out of 3 children have I had one refuse to see him or act scared in any way. Most years it is quite the contrary... they want to be his best buddy and this year is no exception...

Amidst wrapping up a few gifts this morning Keaton came to ask me if I would come downstairs and do something for them...I come down to find that they have the little rocking chair set up beside the tree... with Kolby in his Bath-Robe and a Santa hat ... He needed the belt tied so he could be Santa

So I obllige and he sits in the chair

at which point Kyler screams SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTA!! runs over and hops on his big middle brothers lap... all smiles and giggles...

'Santa' whispers in Kylers ear... "what would you wike for cwistmas wittle boy?"

"teehee" Santa and Kyler giggle

They took turns playing santa for half an hour!

PRICELESS. these are the things I love so much about motherhood.

Friday, December 18, 2009

SO many stories ... so little motivation to blog about them!!


Last week we were eating supper and my middle man said he didn't want his milk ... he wanted water instead which is typical for him... he's a water nut.

SO. I tell him no... He has to drink is milk to get strong bones.


I continue eating

then a minute later look up to find

he is drinking his milk... okay not all that exciting. BUT each time he takes a sip of his milk he puts his arms up and flex's his muscles to apparently see how strong his bones are getting!

It was cute and I am not the most eloquent so I'm not sure I portrayed it to its full capability but at least its out there !

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fix it Friday

Its that time of the week again... Head on over to i♥faces to join in this weeks fun! Personally I enjoy going through everyones edits more than actually doing my own... Its neat to see how others do their processing and maybe learn new tricks ... This edit is actually I process I do on alot of my photos because I love it so much... Its very old looking I think... The first is the before

And here is the after
Again this is pretty much all with TRActions...

1.adjusted the curves a bit
2.Oh snap 100%
2.Bitchin B+W 100%
3.Cinnamon Toast 26%
4. Oh snap again 100%
5. Dirtbag Texture by TRA aswell 26%( I erased it then off select areas as it was too much)
6. Highlight seperator 100%
7. Shadow seperator 100%

Wham bam thank you mamm.

3 minutes flat... maybe- I wasnt keeping track.

Now on to check out all of the other edits this week.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Today is fix it friday again over at i♥faces and it was an easy one... This picture was great so it didnt need a heck of alot... Here is the before...

And here is my after... I played with the curves to brighten it up... Levels to warm it up... used the sponge tool to saturate the background and ran the Pioneer Woman action- Sharpen this at 22% on the eyes. Easy Peasy...

What a cutie!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time flies...

I was looking through some 'old' pictures and by old I mean this past summer... Canada Day... and it almost broke my heart. My babies are growing up. I cannot believe how big they are all getting and I just want time to stand still. I want back the sleeping newborn on my chest ... the two proud 'big' brothers ... one in his pull up and the other with the chubbiest cheeks and biggest brown eyes...who want to give the baby sloppy kisses and get in on the snuggle time. I want the boys that need their mommy for kisses everytime they get hurt. Instead I now have StarWars or Transformers battles in my living room daily... fighting over the nintendo DS... and 'Private time' in their bedrooms. That is THEIR room you do know. lol. Dont get me wrong. These things are great and Im sure memories that I will also one day cherish... I just wish it would have taken MUCH longer for us to get to this stage in our lives.
deep breaths. I will make it ... right? I cant imagine the mess I will be one day when they are getting their diplomas. Oh gosh. CANNOT even go there!