Saturday, November 1, 2008


I honestly cant believe its November Already! Time flies when your having fun I guess. Big things happening this month... its my hubbys birthday in a couple weeks... and I have to kick the christmas shopping into high gear...Last year I was pretty much done by this time... this year? not even close. Tyson and I will have our first overnight date in 2 years (hopefully- crossing my fingers.) and my mom and I's first craft show for our giftbaskets : )

nats nats nats...(snacks , snacks , snacks) Kyler just brought me a mini bag of Doritos from trick or treating :) When did it happen that my baby isnt really a baby anymore! Hes turned into this handsome, goofy , happy little boy who just likes to giggle dance and have nats. lol . I think its really been hitting me the last week because he has put his talking into high gear so he 'talks' like crazy- making him seem so much bigger.

Heres his current vocabulary

Maama- Grandma

Momma/Mom-Me : )


koaka- kolby

nats - snacks

uff ou - love you

mad- mad- He was playing with the remote and brought it to me saying mad mad mad...

at first I wasnt sure what he was saying until I said- Is momma

mad at you for touching- and he shook his head yes way too

cute. I always tell him sternly - momma is mad at you for

(blank) I know. Hardcore but maybe its

working :)


this- this - for anything he wants. Mainly his soother.

boo- for peek a boo

baba- for his baba

la-la-bye for lullaby... no one else heard this so Im sure Tyson thinks I imagined it. but It was

clear as day when I was singing to him(poor

Im sure theres more that I'll have to add. I can never think of it when I want to ... the exact reason I need to keep track of it on here

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