Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 8, 2010

February 8 ,2010 is the date we went to put an offer in on a house that we were only about 75% sure we wanted to buy...because we only had 2.5 weeks to find a house and be moved... It was also the day that our realtor told us there was another down the street coming up for sale soon... It was also the day we knew 100% that that 2nd house was the house for us...It wasnt scheduled to be finished for a month but the Contractor is AWESOME and pulled some trades off other jobs to get this one done in time for us!!

So if you wonder if I have forgotten about my 365 day photo challenge... or my promise to blog often. No I have not!! I have been trying to take care of my three boys while Tyson is away working... Trying to Pack and Clean... taking kids to and from school/occasionally hockey if I have the energy... Trying to run a business in the next to no spare time I have right now... So I have been harshly neglecting my blogging. With that said... This is our new house. Not quite finished... Should be done this week and then we will be in it come 1 week from today! I will be MIA a while again... but I promise as soon as I get the computer all set up at the new house I will post some more pictures of our new place :)

Friday, February 5, 2010


Over at Kellys Korner Blog she made snow ice cream last week... I had never heard of it which seems crazy to me that I can 'bake' with snow... something we usually have a wealth of for...oh... 11 months of the year(or so it seems) So when I read about it I decided that we needed to try it out. My boys weren't really diggin the idea until I told them that we could make it any color they wanted and then they were pumped. It was super easy... took 2 minutes flat... which is about the time it also took them to devour it. They loved it. So yeah. You should try it one day!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Yes that's right folks. Three posts in three days... and are you ready to be amazed!? I GUARANTEE one for tomorrow too. Now that could be due to a) I'm incredibly ambitious and on a blogging roll or b)I wrote all of the posts at once and scheduled them to all publish day after day knowing that likely once I turn the computer off it will be a good week before I get the urge to blog again. Yes. It is 'probably' B. But irregardless. Here is a photo that I promised you weeks ago... The bracelet Kolby made me at Playschool!! As well as a photo showing that even though you painted your nails at midnight and were tired and lazy ... you should ALWAYS put away the nail polish or you will wake up to a two year old with bright red finger and toenails... Tyson wasn't so happy... me on the other hand... I was SO EXCITED by what a good job he did I had to congratulate him .

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Handy Manny? Not too sure

Well. Frankly Im not really sure what he had going on here...but he seemed to be enjoying it... and I am not one to complain when my kids are entertaining themselves so without further Adieu... Handy Kyler. Notice the upside down glasses. Thats a fad that Im sure is going to catch on like wild fire. He is definitely fashion savvy... The pretty woman-esque over the knee boots are really hot right now and theres my thrifty boy... who needs to spend money in a shoe store when you can pull off the look simply with a pair of oversized white sweat socks. Always thinkin.

My little big Men


Today I happened upon something that I had to share....

That made me realize I cant ignore the inevitable...

My little boys are in fact becoming men!

How do I know this?


I caught Kolby on the toilet today doing his business while reading his Star Wars book!

Before I know it I'm going to be the weeping Mother sending her baby off to College ( If any of you have seen Transformers 2 you know exactly what Im talking about...and exactly what you can expect from me in another 10 years).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's time for me to 'Ketchup' again. Yes. I've been slacking on the blogging. Yes I have also been slacking on the 365 picture challenge. It may just end up being a 72 photos a year type challenge for me. SO. I have actually been taking the odd photo for the challenge. I have also been forgetting to write down the exact date of the photo. I could check in my camera... but come on. that would make WAY too much sense so instead you are just going to have to enjoy a slew of photos simply marked. JAN .

This is my baby ... sweet little baby. Who really isnt much of a baby any more but I can try and fool myself right!? I absolutely love my boys' wrinkly fingers when they have just gotten out of a long bath so I thought it was fitting to document it. Before I know it those hands are going to be bigger than mine and Im not ready for that!