Wednesday, October 29, 2008

exciting surprise

I know... I didnt post it yesterday... All day - not sure what I did... But last night we had hockey for Kolby and Keaton which is quite a chore so after that I wanted nothing more than the TV and a little 90210 and House. lol . so thats what I did. nothing!

The surprise is that I have a new blog for the gift company my mom and I are starting :) Dont worry- Im not trying to sell you anything! Its just exciting for us and I wouldnt mind some feedback on the site and products. With that said though It is not finished so Im not going to let anyone see it yet. I was going to try and get everything finished up yesterday but never got around to it ... I ended up going shopping for basketwrap and coming home with a ton of stuff for other baskets. Its addicting. but Im cut off.. Ive spent far too much money and although Im confident our stuff will sell. Im now so I have to cut myself off.

Hockey last night... If I get time I'll post on that later... But Im going to wake up my sweet little angel. Babies are so darn cute.

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