Thursday, October 9, 2008

my poor boy : (

Well Keaton has been sick since Monday, staying at home since Tuesday , on the couch , lethargic , and so darn cute. Today I decided that since he doesn't seem to be getting better he should go to the doctor. He would barely eat the last 2 days , thrown up a couple times , fever , cough.
We just got back from having blood taken... several attempted IVs... with me , two nurses, and the doctor all trying to hold him down. His veins are collapsed from dehydration so they couldn't get one to take... we are now home with Gravol , Pedialyte , Antibiotics (for strep throat!!!) and instructions that if he doesn't get fluids down and keep them in we have to go back and have him sedated so they can get an IV in. I feel like such a neglecting parent or something... he hasn't even said to me once that his throat hurt! I thought the main problem was nausea . I feel horrible. My poor guy. I swear Tyson could have heard him screaming from across town.
Yeah. not fun. Say a prayer for my boy to feel better and get hydrated so we don't have to do the sedation.

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