Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Grade One

EDIT** heres a couple of those pics but shhhhhh. they havent seen them yet .
If only they knew! They were having a fit after the shoot when I wouldnt
let them see them :b

Well, it is official ; My oldest boy is a full time student now. He had his first day of grade one today and loved it. Although I am already kicking myself in the butt for forgetting to take a picture of him ready for school - after reminding myself not to forget a million times. I think I will take some tomorrow even though it wont be as official. lol. I am really having a difficult time deciding what to say when I write on here as it has been waaaaayyyyyyy too long since I have done writing of any sort. I used to love to write - stories , poetry , novels , really anything and it has been way too long . My only hope is that as I get more and more into it that I will see the formerly sweet writing juices begin to flow again... so if anyone reads this. Please do bear with me. My grammar is poor from too many years of IM-ing and far too few recent times of actual writing.
This weekend my mom , brother and his girlfriend were all down for a visit. It was nice because it was most likely one of the last 'nice' weekends left of the summer so we filled it with trying to finish things on the house. I ended up doing my moms and Brianne's nails for them , Siding & Shingling the dog house , silicone & paint windows ; needless to say my hands are like sandpaper and no amount of lotion in the world is helping with the problem.
Today while Keaton was in school I began my work with Kolby . He isn't ready for playschool so I decided that every day when Keaton is in school Kolby and I will have one hour of 'school' at home. Today we did puzzles and worked on our colors... He knows all of them already but alot of the pages have coloring / tracing so I figured it couldnt hurt to do them anyway to help with his motor skills and become acquainted with our school time. Wow. that sentence runs on and on. GRAMMAR. that is going to drive me nuts trying to get into the habit of using it properly again.
I am off for the night... I am going to work on editing pictures that I took of Ken and Brianne while they were here. I may just have to add a couple on here once I get them done : )

Oh. did I forget to mention how beautiful my children are? We had a really great day today.

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