Thursday, July 10, 2008

The forces beyond.

So. I sit here. blogging again -finally . during the week I FINALLY got to go camping with our new 5th wheel. Only there seems to be a slight problem...Im in my office! Long story short. someone up above has different plans for us apparently. The first camping attempt 3 weeks ago we got a call that our sod was ready... so no more camping... home to lay sod and water grass for a couple weeks. fine. we started planning this week for camping and booked our spot. from Tues until Sun. Well Monday night Kyler came down with a heck of a fever and was downright miserable... so I haul him to the dr. thinking ear infection... and nothing... so we hauled the camper to the lake and head home so he can get a good nights sleep and we'll go the next day. well. next morning Kolby is sick and throwing up all day. Now today Keaton is permanently glued to the couch and not feeling well!!! so there goes camping for another day. Im just hoping that everyone will feel better and we can at least spend the weekend out there since we paid for the week and would like to spend a little time out there in our new investment... that we would use sooooo So Im crossing my fingers for that. I guess its nice in a way because today is gloomy and rainy whereas the weekend is supposed to be beautiful . Other than that not much is new. Our friends that bought our last house had a baby boy about 2 weeks ago. Trystn. hes gorgeous and I cant wait to do the baby photos : ) Well. off to tend to my whiny baby : )

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