Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ready or not...

Today's post is going to be short and sweet. Ready or not... these babies will be here soon...

My main thought regarding that?

BABIES. as in plural.

I'm not sure that the shock/disbelief will ever wear off.

Sure I'm used to the idea.


Last night as I lay in bed... with the pack n play set up bedside for when they make their arrival. I once again could not believe it is twins. Literally. How did this happen? LOL. I see them every two weeks on the ultrasound...I have two of almost everything... The boys have names. And yet I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that very soon I will have not one. BUT TWO babies sleeping(hopefully) in the pack and play beside me. I've always had a hard time envisioning that there was indeed a tiny human being in my belly... now to know there is two in there. Still shocking. I'm not sure the reality of it will really sink in until they are in my arms... so for now I'm stocking up on baby stuff, and catching up on sleep.

In other news. Keaton and Kolby are at their Grandpas for the week so it has been just Kyler and I since Monday... It's pretty quiet- which I suppose is a good thing considering how noisy I'm sure things will be before I know it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's been a long time coming!!

A new blog post that is! Wow. Where to start? It has indeed been a very long time... and I’ve been a very busy lady.

So first for some updates!
1) I am 33weeks and 6days along. Up 34lbs. And my waist has grown to a gigantic 49 inches!
2) At our last ultrasound (which, if I am counting correctly is ultrasound #11) The boys were both doing great still, and measuring in at a whopping 4lbs 11ounces and 5lbs 3 ounces!
3) We have not had a SINGLE complication this pregnancy... no high blood pressure... no gestational diabetes...Pre-eclampsia...significant growth disparity or signs of the dreaded TTTS... Nothing.
Which I am SO thankful for considering the risk we are at with Baby A’s 2 vessel cord and them sharing a placenta
4) A few ‘interesting’ things we’ve seen at ultrasounds? One baby’s face right on the other ones butt. Baby A cracking baby B in the face repeatedly with his elbow... and Baby B was kicking his brother in the face at the last ultrasound.

How am I feeling?
Hmmm. Not sure! I feel great considering I’m carrying at LEAST 10lbs of baby right now! If anything my biggest issue is space... the babies are running out of it and things are starting to get quite painful. But I am not one to complain considering how much harder this pregnancy COULD have been on me. It’s just in the last month that I’ve really felt a need to slow down ( as hard as that may be for me!) Right around the 20 week mark I had some issues with severe pelvic pain that had me on the couch for a week or so... Then in June when the weather started getting really hot my feet started turning blue... Both of those issues thankfully went away. My current issue is the belly! If I lay too reclined on my back it is so heavy now it cuts off blood flow to that main artery that runs down your spine... we discovered this when during a NST my blood pressure plummeted to 70/40 or so If I remember correctly. SO- fun stuff! Not that you all care about these things... I just want to have a record of EVERYTHING so I don’t ever forget 

Are we ready?
We are as ready as we will ever be I suppose. How do you really prepare for Multiples? The nursery is ready... I’m stocked up on everything possible... so I think now it’s whether or not we’re mentally ready... which I am not- I’m still in the ‘I want my sleep and sanity’ phase. The boys all seem ready. Kyler talks to my belly daily telling babies he wants them to come out now... Keaton cant wait to see what they look like, and Kolby just loves to tell the babies he loves them. Tyson keeps saying he is ready and cant wait to see them... but I can already hear him complaining at 3am when I drag him out of bed to help me. LOL.

Have we picked names?
First names, Yes. We had Greyson and Garrett, Liam and Noah, Knox and Kayle, We decided on Knox and Kullen. Middle names still to be determined.

So that is sort of where we are at now. Any questions? Leave a comment and I'll try and answer them! I'm going to try to do a little blogging each day as an attempt to get caught up on the last couple months before babies get here... which could be any time!