Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Believe it or not Im still here!

The move was psychotic... the week and a half since have been pretty uneventful... I was without phone or internet for the first week and a half... and am still waiting on the Satelite to be installed.

I've noticed without TV in the house it is eerily quiet. So quiet in fact that yesterday while Kyler was napping and Kolby was playing Xbox I sat on the couch. Fell asleep... and was awakened by the school calling to see why I hadn't picked Keaton up from school. Yes. It was only his second day of classes. And no. I would not even like to guess what the teacher thought of me for that. I FEEL TERRIBLE!

After a Pizza Bun and a good talk I think all was forgiven on Keatons end... Now to ensure I don't fall asleep in the afternoon again- I hooked up the stereo to the computer today in hopes that music will keep me awake. lol. So FAR So GOOD!

I also put up curtain rods that have been sitting in the box for two weeks while tacks held the bedroom curtains up... I'm on a roll!

More later on the move... The new house... The new STUDIO!!!