Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Photo Challenge

Its that time again ... so here is my picture from the 11th folder... 11th picture. This was Keaton about a week before Christmas 2008... we had sat down to do our letters to Santa and were having some nice fresh pineapple as a snack. Great snack. Not so great results in the rest of the pictures I took. All of the boys faces look orange :)

I couldnt figure out how to link it so go to : to check it out :)

On another note Keaton had his last hockey game today... I went but didn't get to watch alot of it between Kolbys disappearances and Kylers Meltdowns. Then when I finally thought things had settled down with them my husband has a fit as well. Im so so sorry for asking if we could leave as I juggle one screaming child...another who has mysteriously disappeared and a third who is whining that hes hungry and wants a hot dog. So Sorry to interrupt your conversation- Please swear at me in a room full of people. I love that. And I love you sooo much too. Seriously. I have 3 children I don't see why I should have to deal with an adult child . Anyone out there with some fool proof tips on curing the miserable man-child ? LOL. I get such a kick out of this because all of the blogs I read talk about these women and their wonderful , caring , kind , thoughtful husbands that they love SO much. Which is GREAT. McMammas Husband literally shouts his love from rooftops. I show that to my husband and it makes him mad at me because I don't think hes I don't remember the last thing even slightly romantic that he attempted...Doesn't anyone have a miserable grump for a husband too- Or am I the only one writing about it? I don't know what to do about that man ! I guess I can just dump it on my band of -- eh. 3 or so adoring readers. lol.
Well . Its Saturday and however much I may *Wish* that I could hide away in my bedroom being lazy all day I guess I should go brave the grouch so I can spend some time with the boys in my life who actually are fun and nice to be around :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Now can you tell me why we havent done this before?

This is our third winter living in this town. third winter in our 2 year plan town.FIRST winter that we have visited the well known 'Frog Pond' its a place about a 1 minute quad/skidoo ride out of town behind circle drive. There are no roads...its just a place in the middle of a farmers field. Everyone goes there. Us . Not so much- although every time Franklin is on and I hear mention of 'Hop Frog Pond' it reminds me that we should really go check it out. So yesterday we finally did. Its quite cute really. A pond down in a small valley... so there are trees and hills on all sides. We bundled up the kids and headed over with my Brother and Sister In law as well with their 4 kids . And it was FUN. Definitely something we should have checked out sooner.
Tyson and Kyler. Now where were these blue skies when I wanted to do this shot at Jackie and CJ's wedding!?

Yes. I do exist!! I had to make my dear husband take pictures of me on the crazy carpet so that one day there will be proof that my children have a mother!

at first he was a little freaked but before we knew it he was going down the big hill all by himself!
Tyson :)
My Nephew
Kolby being his charming old self. He found every possible reason to scream and cry yesterday while everyone else was having a good time

Now that's a great action shot!
My Niece


Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Childrens Place

These are ALL MINE and aren't I lucky?
I would have to say that I have some handsome boys on my hands and I'm already on the lookout for a big stick to keep the girls away once they're in high school :)

On another note. The hats that Keaton and Kolby are donning... as well as Kylers adorable Jeans... All $5.99 at childrens place last week. They had a TON of racks $5.99 and under. Its a good thing I'm broke or I really would have gone overboard :) But for any of you out there near a Childrens Place its worth checking out. There was alot of great stuff. And in these pictures are My Great Grandmothers chair. I LOVE it. I was on the lookout for an old pretty chair when I was getting ready for wedding pictures and My mom informed me I could have it! I was so excited. I seriously LOVE it. Yep. That's it for today. The weather outside is beautiful. My husband is sick. So of course its like he thinks hes dying. I seriously cannot handle how every illness he gets is 'debilitating'. Us Moms are still expected to do it all when we're sick and all Tyson does is lay around the house complaining that hes sick or else trying to nap. I was sick yesterday and mentioned it twice maybe. Now that he has it ...Oh my gosh . The world will end. So I'm going to get him to take the boys tobogganing :) I'm such a loving caring woman!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Prayers Please.

The other day some friends of ours were playing with their young daughter and noticed a lump on her back. They have since found out that it is a large tumor on one of her kidneys and will be travelling Monday for more testing to determine if it has spread and where... And what the plan of action is. It will include Surgery and Chemo - they just arent sure in what order. They have a long road ahead of them and Im sure they would appreciate all the Prayer that they can get. Thanks :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ech. photoshop.

I havent done any editing on these so be kind :) but Im having issues since I dont know photoshop all that great... I know what I want to do to them just not how yet... so heres a preview that ONLY blogland is getting since the bride and groom dont have any pictures yet! eek. I lied. two of these pics I brightened up... but I want to figure out how to do textures....vignettes I finally figured out last night.... Soften effects...I dont know. I see alot of things Id like to do but dont know where to start.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I Lied.

Yes I led you all to believe that I would be farrr to busy to post but here I am yet again. Avoiding doing the last minute things I should before I go to bed ;)

Kylers Dr. appt....after waiting for about 50 minutes...the boys showing off/flirting mercilessly with a man and woman sitting across from us - the boys were finally getting restless and the receptionist came to inform us there was a waiting room down the hall full of toys. Thanks. She told us this just as the Doctor finally called Kylers name. lol.

What did we learn. It is one of 2 things. One is serious and VERY rare.A Neurological disease... The other is minor...Allergies. Which he is lead to believe that its allergies since hes only seen the other thing in 1 other child in his since if it was the other thing which remained should have been getting worse...which Kylers when it happens Kyler has puffiness in his upper lid...which leads us to believe again that it is allergies. The only way to know for sure about the other thing is apparently an insane amount of tests. So hes forwarding his reports to the Ped and our Family Doctor and we're keeping an eye on it. If its the other thing I guess it will lead to a lazy eye or something...Since its not progressing we're going with the allergies assumption unless something else happens... So I'm assuming that our Dr. will call us to talk more since the Opthamologist didn't really say much. But it sounds like good news :) And we were informed on the way out the door that Kolby has allergies and that explains the dark rings under his eyes. Don't know how he knows this from just looking at him but I'm sure its true...If you had to listen to Kolby breathe you wouldn't doubt that he is allergic to something .lol. Poor kid breathes like Darth Vader. which there are plans in my near future to visit a doctor about that too... Oh the Doctor trips never end with 3 kids!

Well that's it for tonight. A couple really poorly structured paragraphs :) I just don't have patience for proper grammar any more. I'll blame it on Mommy Brain and not laziness okay ;) Sorry its so everywhere-Hopefully you can understand my blubbering(that is NOT the word I am trying to think of).lol. I'm ready for bed !! goodnight.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well...Its Thursday which means that we have now entered Keatons 5 day weekend from school...which may also mean that :
A) Kyler woke up at 6:50 am and for the first time all week he ACTUALLY let me put him back to bed and fell asleep
B)about half an hour later Keaton let out a girly girl scream downstairs(It was cartoon time) waking up said baby for the day. Thanks.

Its ONE day . ONE. That I wish I could stay in bed until 8. I remember not so long ago I had two WONDERFUL little boys that would both sleep in until 9:30 or 10 EVERY morning. And then school started ... and baby #3 came along...Now Mom never gets to sleep. Anyone else like this: Tyson and I got to go away for an overnight date a couple months ago...we were up until about 2 am that night. You will NEVER guess what time I slept in until? 7 am. Like what is wrong with me!? I beg every day for an extra few minutes...Yet when I CAN have them...nope. I'm Wide awake.

Well I digress. The point of my post was going to be how busy I am :) No time for anything...that's why I'm blogging. lol ... Tomorrow we have the LOOOONG awaited Opthamologist appt for Kyler...Keep us in your prayers- I'm fairly confident that it will be nothing but Its nice that I may finally get some answers for the 'freaky eye thing' as we call it in our house. So we have to drive about 2.5 hours and be there for...oh. I have to check my calendar... 10:50 am. Last time we had to go that far for a Dr appt the doctor told us he didn't see any problems and didn't know why we were there...(for Kolbys poop problems when he was about 4 months old) SO although that was good news I'm hoping this visit will maybe be more informative. Nothing more frustrating than driving that far and being told that even the specialist doesn't know why were there! I just want someone to tell me- yes we've checked into everything- and its fine.

OKAY. on with my weekend. Saturday I am TAKING WEDDING PICTURES!? I am so terrified/excited/nervous. I'll make sure to post some pics next week :) Unless they're all really bad then I'm going to scour online for any great wedding pictures I can pass off and tell you I took skip posting to avoid people telling me I suck.

Sunday we have hockey... And I have to work the concession...Monday is family day so I think were going ski-dooing and tobagganing. wow.I don't think that is spelled right...Plus My Mom , Brother and his Girlfriend Brianne are coming up to spend a night or two somewhere in there.

That's it that's all. So I guess I wont be posting again for a bit...But when I do expect it to be really really exciting! lol.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Not me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

OH MY. This week I did not think. OH. I am not going to partake in Not Me Monday. Only to see the $30 giveaway ... check out the site...fall in love with the product...and then force myself to sit down and post just so Id have a chance to win. Not Me!

I am not in a bit of a funk lately...super stressed...or worried that if my husbands company doesn't pick up asap that I will be homeless in no time. Because I'm easy going ... I would never worry 24-7 about something like that. I most definitely wouldn't add it to my nightly prayers and then feel guilty because there's so much harder things out there that I could be going through. And I MOST DEFINITELY have not made myself an impossible list of To Dos to complete in my house to keep me distracted. Not me. Oh and FYI...Keatons , Kolbys, and Kylers rooms all look immaculate...are finished being painted and re arranged... The Bathroom. As you saw in my earlier post about grout scrubbing...the bathroom looks great too. Oh wait. Not me. I am not entertaining myself with chores. And Most Definitely am not starting on my bedroom today and dreading every second of it. I may be broker than Ive ever been... But my house is going to be super clean! lol. I am not a poet and didn't know it.

I am not going to give up on this posting thing. And did not just delete the rest of my post by attempting to add a link... previewing it ... and everything being gone. What the!? I am not too lazy to retype the rest. And I cannot believe that I am NOT posting about deleting it with all of that that has been happening in my posts lately. What the heck am I doing !? No. I'm NOT losing

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Picture Challenge 5.0

Over at 4 little Men and Girly Twins Britney has been hosting a random picture challenge for 5 Saturdays now... this will be my first one as she always did pictures by month... and I am not that organized...Or wasn't! Ive decided to take up digital scrap booking so before I started that I went through ALL my pictures an sorted them into folders by month to make scrap booking chronologically much easier... An added bonus ? Now I can join in on the fun too. Head on over to and check it out.

March 2008 5th picture from the bottom of my folder- This is Kylers 10 month photos...the majority of them did not turn out very well since I still didn't know how to use my camera and couldn't get it to work( have a fast enough shutter speed ) without a flash...which is what I wanted and seems waaay too easy We have 2 Dormers on either side of my bedroom and this is him au natural playing with the curtains... blurry...but cute none the less. Think how cute they'd be if I had known then what I know now !

I just linked up and I'm the first!!! how Everyone else has better things to be doing at 10am on a Saturday! Like sleeping... oh How I miss those days.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Meeup baby carrier.

Okay.I have to get this out there first so My mom doesn't instantly think I'm pregnant and not telling her. I am not pregnant. But If I ever have another this would be great...and If not it will be a great gift!

so here we go...Over at 4 little Men Britney has a giveaway going on right now for an AWESOME baby carrier...head over there and check it out... Leave her a comment and you will be entered to win one as well!! It will end Feb go...NOW!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have been trying for weeks to figure out how to be able to use this image as a background for my gift basket blog once Valentines day is done and I cant get it!! I posted it on Photobucket but its not big enough on there... so I posted it on here thinking I could click ...copy the link and add it to my html. not working. I don't know what to do? If anyone has tips Id love em :)

Other than that I'm a slacker. I haven't posted on my cooking blog for days and I promised I would post there everyday... but it gets monotonous when I run out of incoming recipes and have to dig up my own all the time. Maybe. MAYBE tonight I'll do some. I always try to do a bunch at once so I don't have to worry about it for the next week.

What else. I scrubbed and scrubbed... then scrubbed some more trying to get my grout back to the color it is supposed to be- so Tyson can seal it then I wont have to deal with that any more. I took pictures of during and after. You know life is exciting when....

top: before... the right side is done the left is not.

Bottom:after. same chunk of floor all done.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week .

I did not get up this morning and realize it was not me Monday and I had forgotten all about it. I struggled to think of anything that I did not do this week. Did not take way too long writing the post and publish it...Only to realize I was still signed in under my moms blog that we were working on last night. Since I did not do that then I definitely did not have to delete all my hard work. I really honestly am not going to go through all that work again so here's a quick one. I didn't catch Keaton a couple weeks ago looking pretty sneaky with a pot of water in the Kitchen. He was not bobbing for apples and I did not add more apples and let the other boys join in. Which is good because Kyler was diaper less and I definitely wouldn't have let Kyler play with water that way.

And I most definitely would not post about it with pictures of my bare bum boy. Oh. And those are NOT dirty dishes in the sink and unfinished drywalling with drywall dust still on the counter that my kids are playing on. That would just be messy and not me at all! And looking at Keaton can you tell that he does not eat like a horse? He must have a metabolism most people would not love to have.
That's it for today. Short and sweet. and not nearly as exciting as my first post that I did NOT post on the wrong blog.