Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May Long Weekend.

Kyler and his Dad... big brothers on Back... Harrowing the yard : )

Well the weekend is over and Mother Nature apparently feels the need to make that brutally clear. It was the most beautiful weather all weekend and now its over ... its cold windy and Im waiting for the rain. Actually for 3 days of rain... thats what they're forecasting anyway. Saturday the boys and I went to visit my mom... they had so much fun outside watering grandmas flowers and she had filled the pool so of course the 'big boys' filled the water guns to play since they're not too into pools... and my water baby- he was a handful. like moths to the flame he was to water. I was actually putting the lid on Kolbys watergun when WHOA. Kyler dives headfirst into the pool. it was freezing... he was completely submerged... one quick gasp. I swooped him out of there and he didnt even let out a cry. he was just shocked and then he wanted back in!! The kid has no desire to learn to walk but apparently wants to swim! now hes beckoning me from the side of the office chair with his little giggle and whine - trying to get in on the typing action... so I better go and hang with my boys :)

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