Monday, September 29, 2008


So Ive been thinking the last few days of what I wanted to write in this post or HOW I wanted to write it.

Late last week there was an 18 year old grade 12 girl in my town killed in a Rollover...she was driving home with 3 friends...they all escaped with minor injuries...and she was found dead at the scene. 'some of the vehicles occupants were not wearing seatbelts'

A few years ago a friend of mine fell asleep at the wheel on his way to work... hit an approach and rolled the vehicle. He was not wearing a seatbelt. He was 22 years old. Too young.

Last fall a grade 12 boy in town was driving home from hockey practice. Rolled his truck. Again - no seatbelt...he didnt make it either.

Im sure you all have your own stories of this happening because it happens way too much. It has really been weighing on my mind and I am terrified. I teach my boys that they HAVE to wear seatbelts or they will die.I know Harsh. but I want them to get it. My mother taught me the same thing... For the most part I did. And now I always do. But I also know there were a couple times that I didnt and that is all that it takes. one time. Climb in the car with your buddies and there arent as many seatbelts as people.Oh well. You'll be fine. Not neccessarily. Hop in to drive a short distance- you dont need it. Sure.

Its something that Im sure everyone has done at least once in their life and unfortunately for many that is what ended their lives.

Its not only seatbelts. There are many things that we need to teach our kids and protect them from but how? My kids are young - Ive got alot of time to guide them ...But even more time to worry.

All we can do is teach them as best we can and hope that its good enough and really sticks with them ...because no one but God can decide what the future holds. So I guess for now I just pray that I NEVER have to go through what so many parents have.

On a lighter note Kyler is banging me on the head and Kolby wants to watch Tay So Im going to go spend some time with my incredibly cute kids and enjoy them while they still want to hang out with me: )

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