Thursday, October 23, 2008

Coming soon.

An actual post!! I know Ive been MIA. That illness I said that Keaton had. Lasted for about 10 days. Then Kolby got it. Now Kyler has it. So needless to say Ihavent been doing a heck of alot let alone blogging. Kyler seems to be feeling better this morning-but that means nothing...He has a fever most of the day...coughs so hard he throws up...nauseaus so he throws up... and did I forget to mention that my husband , Kolby and Kyler all have pink eye. I know. It seems like it will never end. Kolbys eyes seem better after 2 days on medication but Kyler and Tysons are still pretty red so Im thinking they may need different drops. So thats the low-down. My house is germ haven and I have managed to escape thus far without being infected. I am however sure that once everyone else is healthy and up to no good THEN-and only then I will get it and have to chase these 3 unruly boys : ) Thats how it works when your a mom.

On another note... halloween is coming :) Its one of the funnest holidays I think and I cant wait to do up my yard- I go ALL OUT. so look back for some pictures later- maybe early next week.

Yes. I do know that Funnest. Funner. They are not words- I am also a firm believer that they should be.

Funnest- (fun-est) A term used when determining something is of the most fun.
Funner- (fun-rr) When something is more fun.

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