Friday, September 5, 2008

Another day.

Handsome or what!? This is Keaton on his SECOND day of grade one... As I mentioned before It slipped my mind in the morning mayhem of day1 . Also If anyone can share with me how to have typing ABOVE the picture... maybe Im late and tired and thats why I cant get it . Not sure : )

I also had to record another memory. We went for supper tonight with my husbands uncle Arthur (Tyson was working a hockey bingo so it was the boys and I) Kyler was kind of peeved that he had no food yet so Keaton sang him a lullaby as he does quite often and Kyler LOVES it. Well a couple minutes later Kyler was singing away(he loves to sing) when I noticed he was singing lalaba...lalaba...lalaba. SO CUTE! this is my baby who hardly says mom or dad let alone lullaby. It just melted my heart. I wish I had a video camera. Of course no one else at the table noticed and when I made a big deal out of it Kyler did his little smile/giggle/I'm so proud of myself thing and wouldn't repeat the show for everyone else. What a sweet heart.

Oh yeah . Kolby told Art that he couldn't take him or Kyler home to live with him... but he could have Keaton ; that is until Kolby heard the word McDonald's -then he was ready to pack up and move with Art. That child of mine and McDonald's- I tell ya!

SEE! I tried adding the pictures of the flowers here and they went up top!

Okay. click and drag. I got it. I must have woke up a little for the moment . lol . These are pictures of the flowers I picked in my yard yesterday. I am SO in love with this rosebush, I planted it this spring ( along with 2 others) and they are just beautiful. I pray they make it through the winter because every time I see them getting a new blossom it makes my day.

Well I am off to bed for the night. Tyson is still at Bingo. not many times do you hear a woman say something like that!


Lady Lawson said...

OK, I am by NO MEANS an expert at Blogger, but through much trial and error, this is what I've found...

Yes, you can click and drag, that works just fine. However, if you want your images to be "clickable" and thus enlarged when someone clicks on them, then you can't move the pic because it loses the link. But, you can fix that link by doing this: It seems much harder than it is, but it works.

I found an easier way to bypass having to do that though. I upload all of my pics BEFORE I type and then I just go to the top of the page and hit enter once and start typing. Then if I want to type above another pic, I just go right above it, hit enter again and start typing. If you "preview" your post before you publish it, you should be able to scroll over your pic and "SEE" the link at the bottom of the browers page. Like where it says "Done" or "Error on Page", etc. Does that make sense?

HTH and that I didn't confuse you too much! LOL!!!

Lady Lawson said...

PS - I love your new layout and pics! So cute!

Anonymous said...

AHA... That would explain why It wasnt working when I tried clicking on my picture! And yeah . That soo did confuse me... I think the putting the pictures up first thing is easy enough for me to Thanks :) Im still working on it ... Or I guess I should say that theres things I still want to change but I have neither the time nor the patience lately : )