Thursday, January 29, 2009

Like Taking Candy from a Baby.

So a while ago over at 5 little men and girly twins Britney did the cutest pictures with all her kids and lollipops. So I told her I was going to steal the idea. I searched long and hard and could only find ONE giant lollipop. And it is not as big and cute as I would have liked. someday I'll find the right ones. And three. So for now Kyler is the only one that gets the lollipop action until mom can find some more. I took these today and I thought they turned out cute. Note to self. Plan ahead for something like this. When I took the lollipop away after he LOST IT. So I distracted him with Yogurt and Oranges. Which when he finished that he freaked out over the lollipop again. So although it makes for a cute picture. The end result is NOT so cute. I never thought but I should have had pictures of that too. Next time :)

Momentarily distracted by the stick .
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that belly. He has an innie but when he eats too much or giggles it turns to an outie! Kinda gross Ive been told. But I think its cute. I'm sure you'll agree.

We had the music pumping and Kolby was dancing around the living room to entertain Kyler. It worked great other than Kyler only looked at me in...oh. 3 out of 120 pictures.Is 120 too many to take? I could have taken WAY more if he hadn't decided to join the dance party... Which there are a few pictures of. Maybe you'll get to see them later :) That's it for today. I'm going to sort some receipts now. Fun. Now you see why I distracted myself with a photo shoot

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Let me start this post by saying on Saturday there was not a moment that I thought.OH that is PERFECT for not me Monday. I should start my post now so I don't forget. I did not not do that and have not forgotten since what it was. I do not have that poor of a memory. The same day I did not drag my family to Cold Lake so that I could buy stuff for Diaper cakes with the bribe that we could get their skates sharpened. Again I am not forgetful and did NOT leave the skates at home not realizing until we were almost an hour away.

HA HA! I did not just remember what my funny not me Monday story was. I wasn't letting Kyler run around diaper less because what experienced mother does that without expecting a mess. I did not forget he was diaper less. find him standing in the living room window between the glass and the blinds. take him down to realize something was wet. He did not pee all down the window. He would never wait to find the most inconspicuous/strange place to pee. Not my boy.

I do not notice that all my bad Not me Monday topics revolve around Kyler. Think Think .I do not think that MUST be a result of how Peeeerrrrrrrrfect my other two children are. Couldn't be. Oh here we go. All three of my boys have not been dancing around everywhere we go singing Macho Man since seeing the movie Spy Kids. And I have not made several references to the Village People while watching.

Have a Great Monday... I know we all LOVE Mondays.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Okay so I don't know if anyone remembers talk of my obsessive reading of 4 gigantic books that I finished all of in oh. about 6 days combined. I do not know however if I revealed it was the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer... At first I thought what the heck its something to read. And then I fell in love. Silly since its the series that every 12 year old girl is obsessed with but it is SERIOUSLY good. Before I read the books Tyson mentioned that he wanted to see the movie and I replied that I had never seen it advertised and it didn't interest me at all. It looked boring/silly/juvenile. Now 4 books later and I'm in a mass depression that Ive finished the series , have nothing to read , the movie is no longer in theaters , and I have to wait until MARCH to buy it. MARCH. I know. that is a million light years away. Anyone else as in love with this series as I am. Only I wish that they had cast older high school kids so that when I watched the movie I don't feel so darn old. 26.eek. But that's another story. Anyway. Ive been watching the movie trailer online anticipating the release in 2 months or Yeah I know my life is SO exciting when that and blogging about it are my Saturday nights. Woo Hoo.

Keaton and I are going to church in the morning :) I'm excited. That's it that's all.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blonde Moment

So Moments after I posted about losing this one I found it published on my recipe blog. oops :)So here it is !

Okay. So for those of you who know me we can say that I was mortified a little unenthusiastic at the thought of living in this town long term. I have no one that I really visit with regularly , there is no Walmart , Mcdonalds , Tim Hortons , really- nothing good for shopping. We have Co-op , Rona and Fields thats about it. Nothing to do with the kids like the place we used to live- there was always something you could take them out to do. Here its playgroup once a week where you gather all the children who are too young to go to school in hopes of catching some sort of flu/cold. Not my top choice of activities. The one thing that really made me think that I may want to stay here long term is

A)Its a small town where you know you know who your child is hanging out with at school... whether or not thats the kind of child you want yours to be friends with and exactly what they do when they do it.

Thats it. I Hate the fact that growing up in the city you never REALLY know whats going on with your kids when they're not with you. Here they have no choice but for you to know because the whole town knows everything(not always a good thing!)But I love it. Thats what kept me thinking I could handle staying here...Id always know my kids are hanging around the 'right' kind of kids...Knowing they're not being bullied or picked on.

Whats this all about your asking. And how does it relate to Homeschooling? WHY OH WHY cant parents keep their children HOME when they are sick! I have never in my life had as many illnesses randomly hit my home as I have since Keaton started school full time. I have thought on several occasions of homeschooling for only that avoid the throngs of germ infected kids that parents send to school. This is...OH. Maybe the 6th or 7th time our family has been sick since the cold weather hit. Im turning into such a germaphobe that I am actually tempted to start donning medical equipment to stop the spreading of germs in my home! Come on. everyone wearing rubber gloves and face masks wouldn't be that strange would it?

Well.This has been a pretty random meaningless post since I don't know if I will ever leave this town and highly doubt I will ever start homeschooling. Although the gloves and masks seems like a better and better idea every time a new illness strikes!


I wrote a relatively long uneventful really really REALLY exciting post for you today and somehow deleted it just as I added my signature to the bottom. Grr. And I dont have the energy to re-type it so nothing for today :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I think I may have been a little zealous in my plans to master these so called Actions. I cant even get as far as installing them into my photoshop or whatever you have to do. They are downloaded and from what Ive read they should install automatically when I click on them from my desktop. Not the case. And I cannot figure them out. Ugh. So much for that. It will have to be a day when I have limitless time and patience. Im going to Email Aunty Kathy to see what she knows :) Well Im off to mop the other half of my floors!! WOO HOO!

Sick to my stomach

So I'm sure you have all heard the story of the precious 16 month old little boy who went home to heaven after being thrown by his daycare worker and suffering a broken skull. Because of this story I found myself in tears several times yesterday. I don't know how such horrible things are allowed to happen to innocent children. I spent the day hugging my kids tighter and harassing the heck out of them when they just wanted to play alone. That is why - although being at home with my kids can drive me right to the loony bin some days ... I will be forever thankful that I am at home and can afford to stay here. Thanks baby for working so hard so I don't have to.Well. You know what I mean. Not many mothers are as lucky. I really struggled to find a prayer last night for the family and for any other family that has ever been through or will be through a similar situation. I prayed that no one would ever have to go through anything like that again but my prayers just felt hollow because I know that there will always be a new story and a new family to pray for. So I really struggled on WHAT I should pray... In reality I'm sure there is a child out there hurting , sad , scared , hungry or dying this very moment. My prayers did not help him or her. I supposed all I can do is to do the best for MY kids (and the other children in my life) as I can and continue to pray that others will do the same.

Well. That's it that's all. Its 9 am and I still have two boys to feed. One of which is running around bare bum so I should maybe get some clothes on him - Oh Kolby - the free spirit! And I think later that I will be spending a fair amount of time with my computer...Over at American Mum she introduced us to some free 'actions' yesterday(I think) I had no idea there was such a thing and they look great so today is the day I will learn how to use them. Then after school I have to go to St. Paul with the boys for their first ever optometrist appointments. Not good I know. I asked the average age for a first appt. and was told 2-3. well mine are almost 4 and 6. oops. Better late than never :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Are you all ready because I have quite the story that I swore to myself I was not going to tell this week. Its definitely 'not' the sort of thing that you have to write down somewhere so that you don't forget to tell the story at your sons Poor kid. so here we go
Today is NOT Thursday and I am NOT starting this post early just so I don't forget to dish the good stuff.
This morning when I was getting dressed for the day I did not pass by the bathroom and think. Okay. What the heck is Kyler doing. I did not hear bubbles and water.He did not turn around to show me that he was drinking water/blowing bubbles out of the pot from his potty. And he was most definitely not getting that water out of the toilet. And I can NOT believe I'm Not telling anyone that . I did not try and pretend that I hadn't seen for a second to save myself the
I am not going to stop writing this post now and wait until its just a little closer to Monday to finish it.
It is now officially not Monday and not much else has happened. My Dear Husband did not catch Kyler trying to get toilet water with his potty AGAIN and I did not wonder for how long this little game has been going on before we knew about it. Being as extremely organized as I am I did not forget to pick up one of those toilet seat locks while at Walmart Yesterday. Something that important would not slip my mind.
We went to Malanka on Saturday and when everyone had to comment on how cute Kyler is I did not smile and say thanks while I thought to myself..Yeah and I know And when asked by a friend if he was possibly a little person living in a big world I did not laugh and agree that that was a possibility. I mean this kid is SMALL .Ridiculously small compared to his older brothers. But Ive been assured he is growing normally so I guess hes just petite :)
I did not let my boys bob for apples in the kitchen the other day and take a million pictures that no one will ever see . The boys were shirtless and for fear of being reported to child protection services no on will EVER see those pictures. Keaton looks Ethiopian which considering he eats more than I - I don't know how its possible.
I also did not have to laugh just for a second in my head when Kolby threw a fit on the stairs at Malanka and caused himself to fall down them. I would never do that...My poor boy was scared how could I ever think it was funny on any level that he was throwing a fit and pretty much threw himself down the stairs before realizing what the consequences would be.And FYI. He was fine. Just a little Hreeaked out as he would say. Or Hreeeaky. I also do not get a huge kick out of the way he says so many things (he'll most likely need speech therapy) But for now it is definitely not cute.
What else. I have definitely not been eating stuff that I shouldnt be and only lost .6 of a pound in the last week and a half. Im not happy with myself just for the simple fact that I didnt gain... And I most definately didnt buy an exercise bike yesterday just because my husband has now lost 2 more pounds than me so I need to kick it into high gear. Because I am most definately not competitive. Speaking of which. At Malanka they had a silent auction and I did not bid on a really cute pink Roxy purse filled with goodies that every 14 year old girl in the country would love. Despite the fact that I am 26. I did not say I was only going to bid up to $50 and end up bidding up to $95 just because there was someone else I knew interested and it turned into a competition. Once they said they were done bidding I did NOT immediately think. Uh oh! I dont want it that bad! I was not sick the rest of the night thinking 'I could pay for my new camera lens with that!' I was Not relieved when last minute someone else came out of the wings from nowhere beating my bid and winning it. I would NEVER get carried away like that on a quest to win. Thats just foolish and petty. Not me.
OOPS Had to add something that I did NOT forget to clarify. The toilet was flushed so it was at least clean toilet water. Still Nasty Gross but not nearly as disturbing as it would have been if big brothers hadnt flushed as

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Down with Mother's Guilt??

So a couple days ago I read this
and it still has me thinking. HOW ON EARTH DO PEOPLE DO IT? When Keaton was the only boy with us he was always immaculate. Well dressed, clean face ,hair done , cutest hats/shoes a girl could find - quite a little stud.

Now I find myself 2 children later and Oh My. I completely agree with McMamma but there are those times when you do want your children to be 'perfect' and in my case I have no idea how any parent with 3+ children could accomplish that. I have had several days when I think I have it all together... The boys are all looking dapper , Clean faces , Clean clothes , Hair done , and all smiles ...We walk out the door. Get in the Durango. Drive across town and when everyone gets out...Keaton is usually just as immaculate...Kolby has his shirt smeared with unknown substances , his hair has been worked into an Afro and somehow some sort of dirt has caked its way around his mouth. Kyler. Same thing PLUS snot EVERYWHERE. I am not exaggerating. I Always said I would not have one of those snotty faced kids and somehow I ended up with one. That nose never stops running. Is the mess a boy thing? If I gave as much effort as I needed to to keep my kids clean I would have to do 3+ loads of laundry a day ... 2+ baths each...and ABSOLUTELY NO EATING. that would be the biggest rule. Without food we could avoid most of the disaster.The boys would all have severe dermatitis on their faces from too much washing and Mom would then be the mess then since keeping the boys clean is a 24-7 job.

What I can say with quite certainty that I am 95% satisfied with their behaviour in public. Very rarely do we have fits anymore and any time we go out to eat or have someone over to I get comments that they are so well behaved and such good eaters. GREAT. since usually they're driving me crazy but at least they seem well behaved to outsiders. lol . That's all that matters isn't it?That OTHER people think your kids are great and your a perfect mother. Sad. but how many of us mothers haven't put what others think at the head of our priorities at one time or another. At this point now with my 3 dirty - well behaved boys I can honestly say I no longer care what people think. My boys are happy , healthy ,occassionally a complete mess, goofy , fun and so in love with their mommy and daddy that nothing else matters to me. Even a face full of oreo cookie :) All that should matter to any parent is that you are doing your best for your kids and that they know how loved they are. It doesn't hurt either if they say mommy is their favorite not daddy...right?!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mmm. Cookies

So for those who dont know Tyson and I adopted a new Healthy eating regimin this year. No more Pizza , Burritos , Chips and dip , Pop , Lumberjack Burger(you have to be from my hometown to know what this is but if you dont know then your really missing out.Its basically a heartattack waiting to happen but oh so delicious. And you may feel sick for an hour after eating it.But it was definately worth the any other food that we so loved. Wow.Seriously. I completely lost my train of thought. There was supposed to be a purpose behind that statement. OKAY. Got it now. So I baked some cookieslast night. Not as healthy as Id like them to be but not as bad as I would usually make... Babas Chocolate Chip Oatmeal. The entire deal with me making these cookies was portions. ONE COOKIE LIMIT PEOPLE. They are now gone and I have strict instructions that it is to never leave the house but mine are better than Tysons Babas. tee hee. I am NOT domestic at all so Ive been really trying lately and I guess its paid off because last week I made the best homemade soup Tyson has ever had anywhere from scratch. No Recipe. Nadda. Small victory but I'll take it :)

Thats it for today , Im in a vicious cycle with Kyler right now of putting one shoe on . He takes it off and says AAAAAAAAAAAAAH and I put it back on. To which he takes it off again and the cycle continues. The Other boys went with Dad to pick up the skidoo.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too Much Info!

Oh My. I am on the search for several things for my camera and I AM LOST!! I determined after checking out a post on American Mum that I need the Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens and now I found a packaged deal used... The camera... with the kit lens...a 50mm f1.4 and the 50mm f1.8 ...the battery grip I want... 2GB Memory card All for $600. INSANELY cheap compared to what I would pay brand new... but do I need 2 cameras. I think not. Although Ive read its a good Idea for when you 'go pro' but 2 of the same cameras. Overkill. I could sell one. I don't know. But then I have to buy a flash too so with everything we'd be talking at least $1000.which I am currently poor and don't think I can justify buying all this to shoot a wedding for $100.I don't know! Plus Im really hesitant to buy used but I priced out and to buy all the stuff new would be $1300 so its really a good deal. And the darn person will not sell anything separately . I get it. It just sucks because Id really like to just buy the 2 lenses and battery grip. As for a flash Im thinking the Speedlite 580EX II but am not sure - Ive never used one it hard...will it just confuse me more...But I figure I should get the good one and not have to update in the near future . If only I could find that used....or pay for it in USD. The price always looks much better in that

On a side note- Kolby is cruising around the house on his spider man bike with his scooby doo suitcase hooked on to the back and wheeling behind him. pretty cute. Other than now hes stuck between the couch and coffee table. Oh wait. That's cute too. Meanwhile Kyler is 'driving' the remotes with motor sounds across the coffee table. Doodle Bops are on and the boys are in their Jammies/ in a diaper so I should go get organized now that Ive blown the better part of my morning slacking. I have to phone around about camera stuff too - I HATE HATE HATE the phone. It drives Tyson nuts but I cannot stand talking on the phone...I guess he could be the man complaining his wife never gets off the phone- he would LOVE that too!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to You! Two weeks

Title Shmitle.

Every time I come on to post I have the most ridiculous time trying to think up a title...I think that from now on I will just leave my posts title less

Yes. The blog has changed again. Ive been really trying to come up with a design for it that I thought would perfectly match my style and personality. Although all the other designs I loved.This one is me. All the colors are colors I have in my home, and its simple, classic ,but colorful and fun looking too. So this one will be to stay. I still have to make a header but for now the Standard one will do.

Yesterday we had a Pediatrician Appt for Kyler. The elusive Pediatrician. This was over 6 months of trying to get into see someone... The first appt I drove all the way to the next town after 3 months of waiting only to discover I was there 2 days late. Thursday. The appt was Tuesday and no one phoned to confirm or tell me I was late/skipped. So I was not happy after making DH come home from work to watch the other 2 boys for an appt. I was 2 days late for. If you don't remember this is the reason....

Kyler giving us the old droopy eye routine. Anyway. The Pediatrician informed us droopy eyelids are a fairly common thing. In one eye. Kyler gets it in both so that is a Little strange but hes confident its nothing significant. Thank goodness I took pictures of both eyes when they were doing it...I had no idea that may be significant in any way. So Hes referring us to an Opthamologist which he estimated would be another 6 month wait. Nice. Well at least it should be in the summer so we wont have to drive 2 hours in the snow and cold. So its a waiting game again.

Well that's it that's all for today... I'm going to go make some breakfast for the boys and try to avoid sweeping / mopping for as long as possible. Would it be wrong to hire a maid for the sole purpose of cleaning my floors? I hate it with a passion.I think because it involves corralling the boys and trying to keep them away from the wet floors. Should be fun but Ive put it off too long


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ive been trying to figure out forever how to get my background to be stationery and I GOT IT!! next is to figure out how to make a my center column backgrounds transparent without making the font / pictures /etc.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

Its time for another installment of Not Me Monday Hosted at
OH MY.let me try and think of what I did not do this past week.
I did not start my new years plan of healthy eating and lose 5 pounds in one week. Not me...I don't have that much determination and I definitely did not eat that horribly before that it would shock my body into losing 5 pounds in a week just because I cut out the
I did not drive to another town for groceries because I knew they still had Christmas stuff on sale. And I did not end up with a cart FULL of Christmas stuff (for gift baskets next Christmas) for under $60!! I did not get home and instantly put it all away because Tyson said enough of buying stuff for Gift Baskets. I also was not so excited by my deals that when he got home I had to take it out of hiding to show him anyway. lol
Yesterday while Tyson was at the game and the boys were in bed I DEFINITELY did not have to sweep off my couch because the boys had gotten wild snacking on a mini box of Frosted Flakes. Which by the way I do not think any of them actually made it into their mouths judging by the amt I swept up.
Oh wow.I did not have the most uneventful week ever.
Oooh another thing I did not do was get a message from a girl asking me to take her wedding photos Mar 14. I did not accept and now I am not completely panicked over the prospect. I do not have a huge list of accessories I need to buy before then for my camera. I would not appreciate any advice on what I should buy. Its a Canon Rebel XT and I want a new lens that has a wide aperture... as well as I need some sort of flash...and either extra batteries or a battery grip...Whats better? I did not get off the subject of Not Me Monday for a minute there.
Well thats it...I was at my charming kids and she didnt have the NMM up yet so Im hoping that its going to happen since I actually remembered and wrote this post early!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Exciting Evening

Tyson Is at the Edmonton Oilers game tonight. The boys are in bed. The Golden Globes are on TV and I am bored. Ive spent as much time as I can playing with my camera today so Ive had enough of that...And as a result Im on here.

Today while I caught up on blogs that I hadnt read in a few days I was looking at 4 little Men and Britney was asking for Recipe ideas which made me think. How many days have I had the same problem... supper time is suddenly here and I still have no idea what Im making. Im always looking for new recipes and always have trouble finding something quick and easy that the boys will like. So I got the idea...

check it out...Join in...The more people that share meal ideas the better it will be.

As for what happened in my life today. First thing Keaton was Mad at me because I wouldnt let him wake up at 6 am. Shortly after Kyler woke up so I gave him a bottle. THEN minutes after I got Kyler back down Kolby was crawling in bed with me.Tyson was at work so finally around 7:30 I drug myself out of bed since I obviously was not going to get more sleep.

Tyson worked until around 1 and then bundled up the boys to go outside and shovel.again. It seems like the snow is never going to end this year. Kyler was napping so that was the Opportunity I had to work on 'Eat Your Supper'

At 3 Tyson left for the game so I hung out with the boys...Keaton and Kolby snuggled playing Nintendo DS... Keaton sang Kyler Lullaby,Lullaby,Lull-a-bye Kyler over and over again while I rocked Kyler. He just lay there giggling loving every second of it.

At bedtime Kyler had to go give Keaton kisses and say Na Na Bwa( Nigh Night Brother) What a cutie pie. Well.In most honesty I do not have alot to say- hence the rather exciting rundown of my day. lol. Check out the new blog and feel free to contribute any ideas :)

Coming Soon... Keatons Birthday Party!

Have a Good night


Friday, January 9, 2009

Merry Christmas

The Boys all in their new Christmas Jammies. Kyler were the cutest I had ever found in baby sizes

Okay I'm only a couple weeks late but always better late than never. Which is strange because in my day to day life I'm always VERY punctual...It drives me nuts being late so I guess this must be where I can slack on that! Its 8:41 - Kolby just woke up and Kyler is still asleep so I figured now was the time to get something finished since I its far far too early for the cleaning bug to hit me.

8:30 am.I'm lying in bed.Christmas Morning. Do children not usually wake up bright and early in anticipation?? Nope not mine. Mine actually sleep in. So when Kyler finally woke up I sent him waddling in to Kolbys room(Keaton and Kolby had a 'sleepover') to wake up his brothers. all three came into our room sleepy eyed and the big boys had to pee so I sent them downstairs. assuming they would forget all about having to pee and be screaming hysterically any second that Santa came. Again. No. Kolby was back up in my room in 2 minutes flat. Not excited at all. When asked if Santa had come he said No.So I had to haul him Downstairs where Keaton was being the more stereotypical Christmas morning child snooping through presents with eyes aglow. We always open the stockings first. And its always a disaster because we all do it at once rather than mom and dad waiting to do theirs so they can clean up as the boys tear away. Kyler was out of control! what a difference compared to last year...he was here and there opening every ones gifts for them and loving it. Keaton and Kolby weren't so appreciative so Kyler had to be 'restrained' lol. Of course as every Christmas has proven my Husband is the Epitome of Oscar the Grouch.I swear every year his only objective is to throw as many 'death looks' my way when I say something 'wrong' and be as rude as possible to me until I get fed up and ignore him. Then he kicks into super nice mode trying to make up for it...but too late Buddy! Kyler got one of those little orange fisher-price or something sort of cars and was riding in it like crazy while Tyson miserably put it together. Grump. Of all the gifts Kolby matter how fancy or how many times he asked me for it...They were all forgotten the second he opened his gift from Uncle Ken... A set of probably 30 small Star Wars figurines on Key chains. He LOVE LOVE LOVES them. Still plays with them the most to this day. Keaton got his long awaited Nintendo DS from Santa but had to add in that 'its okay that Santa didn't bring him the right games' Apparently Santa didn't want to pay $30 a game and bought a couple other ones that were on Sale for $10 and $15...who cares that They weren't Batman or Spongebob right. Only to add that 'Santa' never realized until he tried playing them that one of them was a girl Oscar the Grouch gave me the best present ever... My Grandmother who Passed away in July had given me her Engagement ring about 8 years ago and it was 'lost' in a tragic sewing machine accident...destined to sit badly mangled in my mothers Jewelry box for the last...oh...5 years.When Grandma died I suddenly felt SO guilty that I hadn't fixed the ring yet and couldn't wear it during such a time. Well although a complete grouch Tyson is a wonderful man and had my ring fixed for me for Christmas!!
My Mother in Law, Her brother and Tysons brother all came for dinner bearing more gifts for the boys... A good portion of which I hid away after they had opened for a rainy day when they have 'nothing to do' When all the company left we made use of the skating rink in our backyard for the first time. yes . The skating rink that leaked about 2000 gallons of water into my neighbors back yard before we got it to work. she will not be happy in the spring. ANYWAY. Kolby was a champ.The child who refused to play hockey because the ice was slippery and scared him. Yes that child. Just took off skating. Not pushing anything- just took his stick and off he was! Kyler had a wipeout about a minute after Tyson told me I was being overprotective and he'd be able to walk fine on the ice in his boots. So that was a meltdown.Then Kolby fell and hit his his head. Cried and peed his pants while trying to 'get it out' to pee so I brought him in and changed him... got all the gear back on and out he went again...And scored 4 goals!! albeit there was no goalie or anyone trying to take the puck from him but come on...again.The child who REFUSED to play hockey 2 months ago because the ice scared him. He fell again and that was finally enough so we went in the house for some 'hot cocoa' neither of my boys call it hot chocolate. Not sure why. The boys went to bed and I started my blog post so I wouldn't forget anything and mid post my mom unplugged the wireless router!lol. Yeah You mom! So I'm going to blame me taking this long to post on

On another note. Uncle Ken brought his new dog Maggie with him and the boys were in love. Tyson was not so much when he went outside in daylight the next day when everyone was gone and my brother had let the dog poop and pee allover just off the back steps of our house and didn't clean it up.KEN! Next time take her for a walk down the back alley or take a doggie bag! If Tyson will let you get away with a next time. We all know how 'happy' he is most the Love you babe! Even though your miserable


So I didnt realize if I started a post way back when and finish it today that it would get posted wayy back on the blog... Anyone know how I fix that? So yeah. If you want to read it click on 2008 and then go down to Dec 25 and there it is :) Finally my Christmas story

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy BIrthday Joshua Sams

If any of you are reading this scroll down my sidebar and checkout the Be Strong and Courageous blog. Its a girl named Susie from New Zealand who lost her beautiful baby boy Joshua after 67 days when she thought she may never even get to keep him for 1. Today ( or I guess Yesterday over in NZ) is Joshua's birthday and I'm sure she would appreciate your prayers for her family :) She has links on the sidebar that will help you get caught up with her story if you haven't been reading until now.

Happy Birthday Joshua Matthew Sams ! You really are one lucky boy....Keaton hasn't even gotten his birthday post yet and it is 7 days overdue! I pray that as your first birthday is here your family will feel Gods love and Peace surround them.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Blog changes.

I'm done the header and I think everything looks so fun! We'll see how long it lasts this There's more to tweak but I'm off to bed and my next goal for blog land is to finish up my Christmas/birthday posts. Yes Im working on them but they're not finished yet :)

So as I said before Ive been sick. Hence why I am playing with the blog again. I think I enjoy that more that the blogging itself! I haven't been upstairs to my computer with Adobe though so there's no new header or anything yet...I'm working on it :)

Not Me Monday

well...I actually remembered today that it is not me Monday... Until I realized. Oh no ...I bet its not on with Poor little Stellan so sick... I hadn't checked in in a couple days and now I see he is home and healthy! AND were on so here goes

This week I most definitely did not go out in -40 (Celsius) to buy things to make the cutest little treat bags ever for my 6 years olds birthday party. I did not then in turn forget to hand the treat bags out as the kids left the party. I would never do something like that! After that I did not open one of the girl ones to see how the pink head wrap would look on Kyler. And he did not look super cute in it.

I did not make my visiting mom help me paint the living room quickly while Ty was at work so that he wouldn't have a chance to complain until it was too late. (he actually loved it. I was shocked)

I did not eat anything and everything unhealthy but oh so Delicious that I could find before I rang in the new year and my healthier eating pact.

What else. Oh. I did not go on facebook this morning while Kyler was 'eating' and being 'too quiet' only to have him interrupt me by bringing me a peeled orange. I did not then go put him back in his highchair to eat it only to discover 5 more peeled oranges and peels/wrappers everywhere. Because a 19 month old cant peel oranges better and faster than most adults. which reminds me that I did not find petrified orange peels in my coffee table .

I did not get a Nintendo DS for Christmas(I know...not this week but that's where my story has to start) get addicted to sudoku on Brain age... have the battery die(or so I thought), go to charge it... And now it wont work. Kolby did not then tell me that he dropped it in the toilet. I do not plan on exchanging it at Walmart and tell them 'It just stopped working' I'm bad . I know. and by the way Grandma I need the

Well. That's all I have for now.I think DO NOT think Im getting the flu from my sick kids the past few days so I AM NOT going to rest and be lazy. I'll try and update more on Christmas/Keatons birthday later. Happy Monday :)