Saturday, December 20, 2008

Well its Saturday , Tyson is at work , Kyler is sleeping and I just put on the Simpsons Christmas for the boys. Keatons snuggled by my side and Kolby is drinking a Chubby pop that has been in our fridge since I would hazard to guess June or July. Yeah . that's how often they drink

We had Keaton's Christmas concert at his school on Thursday afternoon ; I went equipped with the video camera , the good ole Cannon and my 75-300mm lens since I knew I was running late and would be stuck at the back of the gymnasium-which ended up being the case and actually worked in our favor because the kids could get out of their seats without disturbing anyone else. Tyson wanted to be in charge of video-ing it so I hesitantly gave up Unfortunately he has never used it before and didn't realize the discs only run 30 minutes... that is UNTIL he called me over to see what the symbol was flashing for and I told him he only had 90seconds left on the disc...and Keaton hadn't even been out on stage yet. So the concert footage ends there and we had just enough room left on the disc to catch the majority of one of Keaton's 2 songs...Enough for me :) Plus I took a gazillion pictures so we're set.

Keaton is officially on Christmas break , I am officially counting down the days until he goes I love having him home but forgot how much noisier it is during nap time with him here.

Kolby is cute.

That's all the news I have so far today.

OH and I finally took the initiative to start going through my bible, its been quite a while and I kept telling myself I didn't have the time. But I really do so I am; and I'm really glad. I have Tyson convinced that he will be attending Church Christmas eve without complaining which may be small but hopefully its a start to get him involved .

Well. I'm sure there's cleaning I could be doing and Kyler should be awake soon so I'm off

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