Thursday, September 18, 2008

Leaf Umbrella

I keep trying to remind myself to post that the second picture I put of Kolby in my last post is of him using his 'leaf umbrella' Of course he was kind enough to give me my own as well - Sorry , no pictures of that.

Since Tuesday of this week Keaton has been walking to school by himself. You may say I'm nuts... hes only 5!! until you discovered that we live right across from the school and I can watch him go right in the doors .lol. Slightly overprotective mother here walking her child to pre-school , kindergarten , and first grade when you live across the street from the school . Anyway- the point of this tangent is that he has to walk along a long chain link fence with trees on the other side to get to the school. So every morning I walk him across the street and he darts like a maniac into the bushes to find his 'tree' ; A branch that he drags along the fence on his walk... hides in the bush again when he reaches the other end of the fence... and then after school he drags it back so he can hide it for his next mornings walk .lol. Pretty cute to begin with. Until today when I picked him up in the Durango because I was out and about... and had more things to do downtown. He REFUSED to come with me until I agreed that when we were going home I would drop him off so he could get his stick and bring it home for the next day!!! So fine...I'm alright with that. Then the poor guy couldn't find his stick!? the devastation lasted only moments until he found a suitable replacement which has now taken its spot at the beginning of the fence for tomorrow morning : ) Don't kids just make you smile.

Tomorrow I will have some new pics up of Kyler helping his Daddy 'fix' today. It was too cute as well but I have to ration my stories .lol.

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