Monday, September 8, 2008


I wrote this poem when I was in High school and for some reason it has been on my mind today.

When life looks down ,
when times get tough ,
when things don't go your way...

Take those times ,
take those moments ,
and save them for a better day.

Let them be your guiding light ,
they'll help you go a ways.

Don't let lifes drops take you down ,
Just let them pave your way.

I don't know why but out of all the poetry I have written this has been the one that has stuck with me.

I didn't take Kyler to the Doctor today because Keaton was home from school with a cold... Although I did make an appointment for Kyler tomorrow - so I'm hoping Keaton will be feeling up to going back to school. It drives me crazy because when ever he is sick I prefer to keep him home so he doesn't 'infect' his class whereas most parents could care less. Therefore explaining this mystery cold that came on after his 1st week of school. Poor Guy. I just hope it doesn't make its way through all of us as it usually does : )

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