Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy Busy

No, I have not posted in a while. Okay . to be specific 9 Alot has happened... the 13th was my Husbands birthday and we had our first overnight date in 2 years! We went to an Edmonton Oilers game... stayed at a casino and gambled away an entire $15. Horrible , I It was the first time I have ever gambled.Other than scratch tickets... do they count?lol.

More recently Tyson finally started putting our upper cabinets up- most likely due to my(time out. I had to go change by far the stinkiest diaper in a while.whew.) Ok. most likely due to my constant reminder that last year he promised me they would be done before christmas (yes.2007, not this year) So I have been tiling. And finishing Gift Baskets since my craft sale is only a week and a half away. Oh wait. AND making an entire set of plywood decorations (life size)from the movie Rudolph the rednosed reindeer and the island of misfit toys.... all in an attempt to win this years twinkle tour that is now only a week and a half away as well. OH MY. Kay I have to get off the computer and do After I put up a couple pictures :)
Our Christmas Cards... what do you think. Grandma- shut your eyes.

My messy messy mid-tiling/installing cupboards. Gross. I know - but I couldnt help is much cleaner now and this small pieceof tiling is done. Now about 80% more to do....and then lots of mudding and taping to fix our 65 year old dry wall and tysons new wiring for a light overmy sink. I wanted it in the roof above the sink. He wanted it here ... I should start a poll. LOL. I dont think I will ever find a light fixture that will look good there but hey - I have to let him make some of the decisions so he can feel like he wears the

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