Sunday, September 7, 2008

oh boy.

So this is what my poor baby woke up looking like this morning. A few months ago he woke up with his eye looking the same only the eye was crossed and unresponsive. I panicked, called my hubby at work crying, and when he got home went to the ER(a hour or so later) The eye had slowly gotten better by the time we got to the doctor. They asked a million questions (family history of brain cancer!? not a question that put my mind at ease) and finally determined that the eye seemed 'fine now' and if it happened again to bring him in right away. Well I walked on pins and needles for days and it never happened again so I figured it was just a fluke thing. Until it was sagging this morning. The eye itself seemed to be completely normal and responding fine so that is a bit of a relief. Just to be safe though I took some pictures and will go see the doctor again this week to see what they think. Again though- within a couple hours his eye was back to normal. So I don't know whats going on and if I'm worrying for nothing.I still cant help but worry though.
What else? Tyson and I actually got to go out last night : ) It doesn't happen too often and I had had a rough day between all the whining/fighting/not listening I really needed to get out. Tyson called his mom and she came right over. We were expecting to be the only ones at the bar since the town is so small and its usually empty (with the exception of the die-hard VLT players)but it was the UFC fight last night and it was packed. So that was nice to visit with some other Adults. We were home by midnight. I know . We're daredevils . Never fail , we stay out 'late' and once we got home Kyler was up 3 times during the night.
That's about all that's exciting today ; and that I managed to sweep & mop all the floors(cleaning under the couches too! eek.) .

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Lady Lawson said...

Poor guy! I hope everything's okay! Make sure to keep us posted!!!