Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kyler is 3

As of 7:11 am today you turned 3 years old. I'm not sure how this happened but I cannot believe my baby... my BABY is three!

We had your party a couple days ago and you had a blast. you got 'KaChows' (Disney Pixars Cars) and Choo Choos. Thank GOODNESS. I love you and all... but If I had to endure one more fit as we drove by Walmart about you wanting choo choos I may have lost it.


*You still continue to say you're two when asked... we've been working on it
*You can count to 3 but only because that's our warning system for when you are bad
*Your favorite food is Yogurt
*You love to ride your tricycle... you don't pedal yet but you are a maniac... I am surprised we've had no serious wipe outs.
*You still aren't talking a lot... which I think has something to do with the fact that you STILL have a sucky. I'm going to have to get tough on you and 'lose' it one of these days... but it is your best friend
*You say Welcome instead of Thank you
*You CAN say I LOVE YOU perfectly... but usually say Uh-OOh instead.
*You still love to snuggle
*Every day when you wake up in the morning or after your nap you say 'Good Seep'
*Now that your pretty much potty trained you like to get out of bed 50 times at bedtime to pee.
*You are still just the tiniest little peanut... You are finally just wearing size 2 clothes... and a couple size three shirts... Your shoes are size 9. Your Ginch are Disney Pixars Cars as well.
*You need to bath every day... if not 2 times a day because you love to swim.

You are the tiniest... sweetest... MOODIEST boy I know and I love every little part of you. Happy birthday baby... I wish I could make time slow down!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Believe it or not Im still here!

The move was psychotic... the week and a half since have been pretty uneventful... I was without phone or internet for the first week and a half... and am still waiting on the Satelite to be installed.

I've noticed without TV in the house it is eerily quiet. So quiet in fact that yesterday while Kyler was napping and Kolby was playing Xbox I sat on the couch. Fell asleep... and was awakened by the school calling to see why I hadn't picked Keaton up from school. Yes. It was only his second day of classes. And no. I would not even like to guess what the teacher thought of me for that. I FEEL TERRIBLE!

After a Pizza Bun and a good talk I think all was forgiven on Keatons end... Now to ensure I don't fall asleep in the afternoon again- I hooked up the stereo to the computer today in hopes that music will keep me awake. lol. So FAR So GOOD!

I also put up curtain rods that have been sitting in the box for two weeks while tacks held the bedroom curtains up... I'm on a roll!

More later on the move... The new house... The new STUDIO!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 8, 2010

February 8 ,2010 is the date we went to put an offer in on a house that we were only about 75% sure we wanted to buy...because we only had 2.5 weeks to find a house and be moved... It was also the day that our realtor told us there was another down the street coming up for sale soon... It was also the day we knew 100% that that 2nd house was the house for us...It wasnt scheduled to be finished for a month but the Contractor is AWESOME and pulled some trades off other jobs to get this one done in time for us!!

So if you wonder if I have forgotten about my 365 day photo challenge... or my promise to blog often. No I have not!! I have been trying to take care of my three boys while Tyson is away working... Trying to Pack and Clean... taking kids to and from school/occasionally hockey if I have the energy... Trying to run a business in the next to no spare time I have right now... So I have been harshly neglecting my blogging. With that said... This is our new house. Not quite finished... Should be done this week and then we will be in it come 1 week from today! I will be MIA a while again... but I promise as soon as I get the computer all set up at the new house I will post some more pictures of our new place :)

Friday, February 5, 2010


Over at Kellys Korner Blog she made snow ice cream last week... I had never heard of it which seems crazy to me that I can 'bake' with snow... something we usually have a wealth of for...oh... 11 months of the year(or so it seems) So when I read about it I decided that we needed to try it out. My boys weren't really diggin the idea until I told them that we could make it any color they wanted and then they were pumped. It was super easy... took 2 minutes flat... which is about the time it also took them to devour it. They loved it. So yeah. You should try it one day!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Yes that's right folks. Three posts in three days... and are you ready to be amazed!? I GUARANTEE one for tomorrow too. Now that could be due to a) I'm incredibly ambitious and on a blogging roll or b)I wrote all of the posts at once and scheduled them to all publish day after day knowing that likely once I turn the computer off it will be a good week before I get the urge to blog again. Yes. It is 'probably' B. But irregardless. Here is a photo that I promised you weeks ago... The bracelet Kolby made me at Playschool!! As well as a photo showing that even though you painted your nails at midnight and were tired and lazy ... you should ALWAYS put away the nail polish or you will wake up to a two year old with bright red finger and toenails... Tyson wasn't so happy... me on the other hand... I was SO EXCITED by what a good job he did I had to congratulate him .

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Handy Manny? Not too sure

Well. Frankly Im not really sure what he had going on here...but he seemed to be enjoying it... and I am not one to complain when my kids are entertaining themselves so without further Adieu... Handy Kyler. Notice the upside down glasses. Thats a fad that Im sure is going to catch on like wild fire. He is definitely fashion savvy... The pretty woman-esque over the knee boots are really hot right now and theres my thrifty boy... who needs to spend money in a shoe store when you can pull off the look simply with a pair of oversized white sweat socks. Always thinkin.

My little big Men


Today I happened upon something that I had to share....

That made me realize I cant ignore the inevitable...

My little boys are in fact becoming men!

How do I know this?


I caught Kolby on the toilet today doing his business while reading his Star Wars book!

Before I know it I'm going to be the weeping Mother sending her baby off to College ( If any of you have seen Transformers 2 you know exactly what Im talking about...and exactly what you can expect from me in another 10 years).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's time for me to 'Ketchup' again. Yes. I've been slacking on the blogging. Yes I have also been slacking on the 365 picture challenge. It may just end up being a 72 photos a year type challenge for me. SO. I have actually been taking the odd photo for the challenge. I have also been forgetting to write down the exact date of the photo. I could check in my camera... but come on. that would make WAY too much sense so instead you are just going to have to enjoy a slew of photos simply marked. JAN .

This is my baby ... sweet little baby. Who really isnt much of a baby any more but I can try and fool myself right!? I absolutely love my boys' wrinkly fingers when they have just gotten out of a long bath so I thought it was fitting to document it. Before I know it those hands are going to be bigger than mine and Im not ready for that!

Monday, January 25, 2010

This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Pause the music at the bottom of the blog before you hit play!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Really there is not a heck of a lot to update on... Keaton lost his other top front tooth on Sunday...Kolby made me the sweetest bracelet ever at playschool today... and yesterday at nap time Kyler puked his bologna sandwich up all over me because he didn't want to nap and was crying so hard... That child - I tell you... has the strongest gag reflex I have ever seen... Crying fits usually end either with him gagging or barfing...I bet you are all glad that you know that now!

If you hadn't noticed I am failing miserably with the 365 day photo challenge... I apologize... and I swear that one of these days I will get my act together and get back on track... I've just been so out of sorts with Tyson gone working all of the time and everything else going on in my life...Busy Busy...and when I'm not busy I'm so exhausted that all I want to do is sleep... which I'm headed there shortly :)

As for the afore mentioned video... It never actually came to fruition but I HOPE that Kolby will perform again one of these days so I can catch it on the camera and share on here. Its so cute. Now you are just going to have to wait and see if I can get a video before you get any hints on what it is about.

Well. I've been slacking on posting AGAIN so I just thought I would type up something... really anything that might be flowing through my head before I go to bed.

Tomorrow I am going to get a picture of that gorgeous bracelet for you.

Was this post random enough? lol. Sorry about that !

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Mystery Revealed!

Kolby I want Ketchup... Yep. Good thing he has a mom who can translate!

On the house front it is not sold ... Financing fell through for our buyer at the last minute so now its a waiting game again... which... on the bright side. I no longer have to move before the 25th of this month which means I can get a few boudoir sessions in before Valentines Day!! Woo hoo.

Im going to attemp to post a video on here later... I have no idea how to do it so dont go getting your hopes up... but If I can get it to work then you're in for a laugh!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A way with words

10 points to whom ever can decipher what exactly Kyler meant when he said the following at supper last night:

'Towby...I On Tupaws'

$10 bucks says no body will get it!

**note . there is no actual money being given away here... the 10 points are pretty much useless as well.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No News... But Im over it now :)

No News on the house today... I guess we will know officially tomorrow but its not looking hopeful. But I'm over it now. lol. If anyone knows me well they know that I am VERY laid back but you know there are just times when everything feels like it is bombarding me... So I need to have a little meltdown... let it all out... and then I am good.
Which I am now. Good.
What else is good?
this picture below!

I'm late. I know. I'm a slacker. I know. but its alright... this is my blog so I can slack just as much as I want to! I know what you are thinking about the above photo because it was exactly what I was thinking so I asked the boys.... 'What the heck are you guys doing??'

Well Geez. I totally should have known by the Hockey stick being used as a gun... They are playing Ancient Spy Shooters. YUP. I know we've all heard of that game.

Where do my kids get this from. crazy. But it makes me giggle :)

Keeping it real.

I've determined that it is far too easy for me to blog when life is good. Yet when I find myself getting stressed out or having a bad day I completely avoid my blog. (which my explain my absence!)

I know the reason I started this blog. It was to give me some 'me' time. A place that I can talk freely also a place that I can record the happenings of my life. Yet somehow I have found myself avoiding talking about what is REALLY going on. Its easy to let readers think... oh life is great... my Husband is perfect... And my children are even more so but in reality I have problems. I have stress...

I love Tyson... I love my boys.... and I thank God every day for the small/huge/crazy/wonderful things that they bring to my life.

Yet I find myself struggling. Things are tight right now... With Tyson gone working all of the time we are looking at close to $600 a month in FUEL ALONE for him to drive back and forth from work. That's $600 that I really do not have. I really don't know where to go from here. I cant work more to bring in that extra income we need right now because... my husband is gone... and I have three kids to take care of...hence not a lot of time for Photography.

Today is the day that we should find out if our house is sold and I find myself praying a lot. We need for this to go through... To save our sanity and our pocketbook.

I just keep trying to calm myself - this will all work out the way it is supposed to... God had a plan and He already knows what the outcome will be so no amount of stress on my part will change what he has in plan for our family. What is really important is not where we live or how much money we do/don't have... Its that we have each other... And trust me I take a lot of joy in that.

I just had to get that out there... because I have a LOT of jitters about whether or not the sale will go through and it is really the only thing on my mind lately. PLEASE let it work out. It would make my life so much easier and would help us get back to a better place in our lives... a place where our family can be together every night... a place where I have time to do the Job that I love so much... and a place that I would have the SPACE to take that job to a new level. Yes I'm talking studio space in the new house that we have an offer on. Oh how sweet that would be!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playing Catch up

Okay firstly this is My Husband. And yes. that is plastic wrap.

My Mother in law had brought us a roll of that plastic wrap that people use for furniture/whatnot . Not sure why she brought it for us. Which is what we were discussing last night when I decided it would be so much fun to use it in the 'whatnot' category and to wrap each other up. HA! I am not a dork. So Tyson did me first... I was trapped... Pulled out every ounce of 'HULK' I had in me and still could not escape. So he kindly freed me. Then while the Bachelor was on Commercial I decided it was his turn!! WOOT! I was determined there was no way he was getting out so I wrapped and wrapped... then wrapped some more. Took a time out because I was dizzy and exhausted from giggling. Then wrapped a little more.

It took him 10 seconds flat to escape my plastic wrap prison. So not fair. But all in all it was fun... we laughed so hard that I may have peed just a little. HA. totally joking. but it was quite funny and a vast departure for the usual stress we deal with.

Speaking of stress. I 'think' I'm moving. Hence my absence. We have an offer accepted on the house... and if all goes through(we should know in the next couple of days) then I am moving on the 25. Yes. 25!!! of this month. So its going to be a little hectic to say the least.

That's it for now. I have another photo to post... but I'll save it for another day when I'm lazy and have nothing to show you. which very well could be tomorrow.


Yes I have been missing in action... there has been alot going on around my house lately leaving me no blogging time :(


I do have a couple great photos for the 365 challenge that I am doing so well at(roll of my eyes) More with that later tonight as well as what I've been up to.

Make sure you check back. These photos are totally going to make you laugh and help you to know what a dork I am! HA!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Told you!

See I told you that I was going to miss days in the 365 challenge... what is this... Day 4 for me and I am already photo less.... But I AM blogging so I'm sure that counts for something
today was a terrible horrible no good very bad day.
well not really. I just really like that children's book.
and today was rather hectic. I've been emailing people like crazy trying to get some things lined up for a Boudoir Marathon that I want to get together and hold on Jan 16 ... so I really need to find a hairstylist makeup artist first thing... then book the hotel room... Oh wait. And then advertise and hope I get enough bookings on short notice! Oh well. It will all fall together and it is going to be SO MUCH FUN. I think I'm going to call it "I'm Bringing Sexy Back" HA! I thought it was a fitting theme for a little pre valentine event!
today was also Kolbys first day back at playschool since the break and the boys first days back at hockey which is ALWAYS fun for me... You know... the whole juggling three kids down to the arena and getting two of them in all of their hockey gear while I try not to lose the third in the arena. FUN fun times.
so that's it. It was a busy day... and my camera did not leave my desk. so no pictures.
The Tooth Fairy also forgot to visit last night even after I posted that she had to remember. She better not forget again tonight or I will have a very unhappy 7 year old!
Good night :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

A little creative cooking

Last night before bed I made sure to take out some fish for supper tonight... when it came time to start preparing it I pulled it out of the fridge to discover it was still frozen...
So what did I do?
Improvise. Back in the fridge with the fish until tomorrow and I started to scavenge for something else to make... which is when I found this Old El Paso Soft taco bake kit that I bought ages ago. Only problem... I have nothing to make it with.
Because I'm creative like that.
So Out came 6 frozen hamburger patties... a jar of salsa my mother in law made ages ago that I forgot was stored in the crawl space... and a container of expired. Yes. expired sour cream. There was no way I was getting out of my pajamas and loading three kids up to go to the grocery store by myself at 5:00. Sour cream is that- sour cream right? So how bad can it really go! Then when it came to the point that I was mashing up the hamburger patties in Tyson's favorite frying pan with a metal(eek! don't tell him! lol) potato masher I just thought that the situation was so sad that it warranted a photo and its own blog post. In the end it turned out alright... meaning the kids loved it... and I thought it was mediocre. So there you go... Next time you think you have nothing good to make for supper look to me for inspiration! HA!

In other news today... I got the date right on my photo!! I had another one chosen of Keaton and Kolby together but then when my camera made its way in for bath time with Kyler I fell in love with the photos so much that I had to use one... So Kolby and Keaton can wait for another day... There are 365 you know so I'm sure they will have their time to shine!

Also on the menu today... One seven year old who is growing up far too fast... but more on that and my depression of 'my babies are growing up' later. For today I have to share that while I was constructing our Gourmet supper Keaton was being suspiciously quiet in the bathroom... at which point he emerges... coming quickly to the stove to share some new with me. He just pulled out his own tooth.
Yes you heard me right.
I cannot imagine doing that myself at 7... I probably would have cried and fainted.
So with that I have reminded myself to run back downstairs so the tooth fairy can make her 4th visit in less than a year... with three more coming soon judging by the crazy amount of loose teeth my boy has.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

365- Day 3

SO. here is todays picture...When putting the date on I put the second because this is the second day I have done it... Forgetting that I skipped the first day and that today is actually the third. oops. Ah well. So without further adieu... This is Kolby today playing Star Wars Lego on the XBOX wearing a crown of knex on his head !

Saturday, January 2, 2010


For quite some time now I have been reading this super talented lady's blog.. She is a photographer in Florida and I am firstly absolutely in love with her daughter... she is the perfect example of why I always dreamed of having a daughter. Gorgeous . Little . Girl.

Secondly Rachel( American Mum ) is an AMAZING photographer. She has such bright , sharp , bold photos... I am BEYOND in love with her work.

She mentioned on her blog yesterday that she was going to partake in a 365 challenge. What is that? Its a challenge to post one photo a day for 365 days. Rachel mentioned that she planned to make a book out of all of her images this year and what a great idea that is... So I'm jumping on the band wagon. Now any readers who know me well know that I blog blog blog... For like a week straight and then I forget about my blog for a week... a month or even more. So this really is going to be a challenge for me. I will make you one guarantee though. I most definitely will forget and miss a few days here and there... That's just me... I'm great like that :)

So here goes. In true Elisha fashion I have already missed the first day! On with Jan 2.

This was my little man today cleaning up his room before bedtime