Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

well...I actually remembered today that it is not me Monday... Until I realized. Oh no ...I bet its not on with Poor little Stellan so sick... I hadn't checked in in a couple days and now I see he is home and healthy! AND were on so here goes

This week I most definitely did not go out in -40 (Celsius) to buy things to make the cutest little treat bags ever for my 6 years olds birthday party. I did not then in turn forget to hand the treat bags out as the kids left the party. I would never do something like that! After that I did not open one of the girl ones to see how the pink head wrap would look on Kyler. And he did not look super cute in it.

I did not make my visiting mom help me paint the living room quickly while Ty was at work so that he wouldn't have a chance to complain until it was too late. (he actually loved it. I was shocked)

I did not eat anything and everything unhealthy but oh so Delicious that I could find before I rang in the new year and my healthier eating pact.

What else. Oh. I did not go on facebook this morning while Kyler was 'eating' and being 'too quiet' only to have him interrupt me by bringing me a peeled orange. I did not then go put him back in his highchair to eat it only to discover 5 more peeled oranges and peels/wrappers everywhere. Because a 19 month old cant peel oranges better and faster than most adults. which reminds me that I did not find petrified orange peels in my coffee table .

I did not get a Nintendo DS for Christmas(I know...not this week but that's where my story has to start) get addicted to sudoku on Brain age... have the battery die(or so I thought), go to charge it... And now it wont work. Kolby did not then tell me that he dropped it in the toilet. I do not plan on exchanging it at Walmart and tell them 'It just stopped working' I'm bad . I know. and by the way Grandma I need the

Well. That's all I have for now.I think DO NOT think Im getting the flu from my sick kids the past few days so I AM NOT going to rest and be lazy. I'll try and update more on Christmas/Keatons birthday later. Happy Monday :)

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