Friday, January 16, 2009

Mmm. Cookies

So for those who dont know Tyson and I adopted a new Healthy eating regimin this year. No more Pizza , Burritos , Chips and dip , Pop , Lumberjack Burger(you have to be from my hometown to know what this is but if you dont know then your really missing out.Its basically a heartattack waiting to happen but oh so delicious. And you may feel sick for an hour after eating it.But it was definately worth the any other food that we so loved. Wow.Seriously. I completely lost my train of thought. There was supposed to be a purpose behind that statement. OKAY. Got it now. So I baked some cookieslast night. Not as healthy as Id like them to be but not as bad as I would usually make... Babas Chocolate Chip Oatmeal. The entire deal with me making these cookies was portions. ONE COOKIE LIMIT PEOPLE. They are now gone and I have strict instructions that it is to never leave the house but mine are better than Tysons Babas. tee hee. I am NOT domestic at all so Ive been really trying lately and I guess its paid off because last week I made the best homemade soup Tyson has ever had anywhere from scratch. No Recipe. Nadda. Small victory but I'll take it :)

Thats it for today , Im in a vicious cycle with Kyler right now of putting one shoe on . He takes it off and says AAAAAAAAAAAAAH and I put it back on. To which he takes it off again and the cycle continues. The Other boys went with Dad to pick up the skidoo.

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