Friday, January 9, 2009

Merry Christmas

The Boys all in their new Christmas Jammies. Kyler were the cutest I had ever found in baby sizes

Okay I'm only a couple weeks late but always better late than never. Which is strange because in my day to day life I'm always VERY punctual...It drives me nuts being late so I guess this must be where I can slack on that! Its 8:41 - Kolby just woke up and Kyler is still asleep so I figured now was the time to get something finished since I its far far too early for the cleaning bug to hit me.

8:30 am.I'm lying in bed.Christmas Morning. Do children not usually wake up bright and early in anticipation?? Nope not mine. Mine actually sleep in. So when Kyler finally woke up I sent him waddling in to Kolbys room(Keaton and Kolby had a 'sleepover') to wake up his brothers. all three came into our room sleepy eyed and the big boys had to pee so I sent them downstairs. assuming they would forget all about having to pee and be screaming hysterically any second that Santa came. Again. No. Kolby was back up in my room in 2 minutes flat. Not excited at all. When asked if Santa had come he said No.So I had to haul him Downstairs where Keaton was being the more stereotypical Christmas morning child snooping through presents with eyes aglow. We always open the stockings first. And its always a disaster because we all do it at once rather than mom and dad waiting to do theirs so they can clean up as the boys tear away. Kyler was out of control! what a difference compared to last year...he was here and there opening every ones gifts for them and loving it. Keaton and Kolby weren't so appreciative so Kyler had to be 'restrained' lol. Of course as every Christmas has proven my Husband is the Epitome of Oscar the Grouch.I swear every year his only objective is to throw as many 'death looks' my way when I say something 'wrong' and be as rude as possible to me until I get fed up and ignore him. Then he kicks into super nice mode trying to make up for it...but too late Buddy! Kyler got one of those little orange fisher-price or something sort of cars and was riding in it like crazy while Tyson miserably put it together. Grump. Of all the gifts Kolby matter how fancy or how many times he asked me for it...They were all forgotten the second he opened his gift from Uncle Ken... A set of probably 30 small Star Wars figurines on Key chains. He LOVE LOVE LOVES them. Still plays with them the most to this day. Keaton got his long awaited Nintendo DS from Santa but had to add in that 'its okay that Santa didn't bring him the right games' Apparently Santa didn't want to pay $30 a game and bought a couple other ones that were on Sale for $10 and $15...who cares that They weren't Batman or Spongebob right. Only to add that 'Santa' never realized until he tried playing them that one of them was a girl Oscar the Grouch gave me the best present ever... My Grandmother who Passed away in July had given me her Engagement ring about 8 years ago and it was 'lost' in a tragic sewing machine accident...destined to sit badly mangled in my mothers Jewelry box for the last...oh...5 years.When Grandma died I suddenly felt SO guilty that I hadn't fixed the ring yet and couldn't wear it during such a time. Well although a complete grouch Tyson is a wonderful man and had my ring fixed for me for Christmas!!
My Mother in Law, Her brother and Tysons brother all came for dinner bearing more gifts for the boys... A good portion of which I hid away after they had opened for a rainy day when they have 'nothing to do' When all the company left we made use of the skating rink in our backyard for the first time. yes . The skating rink that leaked about 2000 gallons of water into my neighbors back yard before we got it to work. she will not be happy in the spring. ANYWAY. Kolby was a champ.The child who refused to play hockey because the ice was slippery and scared him. Yes that child. Just took off skating. Not pushing anything- just took his stick and off he was! Kyler had a wipeout about a minute after Tyson told me I was being overprotective and he'd be able to walk fine on the ice in his boots. So that was a meltdown.Then Kolby fell and hit his his head. Cried and peed his pants while trying to 'get it out' to pee so I brought him in and changed him... got all the gear back on and out he went again...And scored 4 goals!! albeit there was no goalie or anyone trying to take the puck from him but come on...again.The child who REFUSED to play hockey 2 months ago because the ice scared him. He fell again and that was finally enough so we went in the house for some 'hot cocoa' neither of my boys call it hot chocolate. Not sure why. The boys went to bed and I started my blog post so I wouldn't forget anything and mid post my mom unplugged the wireless router!lol. Yeah You mom! So I'm going to blame me taking this long to post on

On another note. Uncle Ken brought his new dog Maggie with him and the boys were in love. Tyson was not so much when he went outside in daylight the next day when everyone was gone and my brother had let the dog poop and pee allover just off the back steps of our house and didn't clean it up.KEN! Next time take her for a walk down the back alley or take a doggie bag! If Tyson will let you get away with a next time. We all know how 'happy' he is most the Love you babe! Even though your miserable

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