Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Title Shmitle.

Every time I come on to post I have the most ridiculous time trying to think up a title...I think that from now on I will just leave my posts title less

Yes. The blog has changed again. Ive been really trying to come up with a design for it that I thought would perfectly match my style and personality. Although all the other designs I loved.This one is me. All the colors are colors I have in my home, and its simple, classic ,but colorful and fun looking too. So this one will be to stay. I still have to make a header but for now the Standard one will do.

Yesterday we had a Pediatrician Appt for Kyler. The elusive Pediatrician. This was over 6 months of trying to get into see someone... The first appt I drove all the way to the next town after 3 months of waiting only to discover I was there 2 days late. Thursday. The appt was Tuesday and no one phoned to confirm or tell me I was late/skipped. So I was not happy after making DH come home from work to watch the other 2 boys for an appt. I was 2 days late for. If you don't remember this is the reason....

Kyler giving us the old droopy eye routine. Anyway. The Pediatrician informed us droopy eyelids are a fairly common thing. In one eye. Kyler gets it in both so that is a Little strange but hes confident its nothing significant. Thank goodness I took pictures of both eyes when they were doing it...I had no idea that may be significant in any way. So Hes referring us to an Opthamologist which he estimated would be another 6 month wait. Nice. Well at least it should be in the summer so we wont have to drive 2 hours in the snow and cold. So its a waiting game again.

Well that's it that's all for today... I'm going to go make some breakfast for the boys and try to avoid sweeping / mopping for as long as possible. Would it be wrong to hire a maid for the sole purpose of cleaning my floors? I hate it with a passion.I think because it involves corralling the boys and trying to keep them away from the wet floors. Should be fun but Ive put it off too long


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