Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

Its time for another installment of Not Me Monday Hosted at
OH MY.let me try and think of what I did not do this past week.
I did not start my new years plan of healthy eating and lose 5 pounds in one week. Not me...I don't have that much determination and I definitely did not eat that horribly before that it would shock my body into losing 5 pounds in a week just because I cut out the
I did not drive to another town for groceries because I knew they still had Christmas stuff on sale. And I did not end up with a cart FULL of Christmas stuff (for gift baskets next Christmas) for under $60!! I did not get home and instantly put it all away because Tyson said enough of buying stuff for Gift Baskets. I also was not so excited by my deals that when he got home I had to take it out of hiding to show him anyway. lol
Yesterday while Tyson was at the game and the boys were in bed I DEFINITELY did not have to sweep off my couch because the boys had gotten wild snacking on a mini box of Frosted Flakes. Which by the way I do not think any of them actually made it into their mouths judging by the amt I swept up.
Oh wow.I did not have the most uneventful week ever.
Oooh another thing I did not do was get a message from a girl asking me to take her wedding photos Mar 14. I did not accept and now I am not completely panicked over the prospect. I do not have a huge list of accessories I need to buy before then for my camera. I would not appreciate any advice on what I should buy. Its a Canon Rebel XT and I want a new lens that has a wide aperture... as well as I need some sort of flash...and either extra batteries or a battery grip...Whats better? I did not get off the subject of Not Me Monday for a minute there.
Well thats it...I was at my charming kids and she didnt have the NMM up yet so Im hoping that its going to happen since I actually remembered and wrote this post early!


blueviolet said...

Awesome first week weight loss! Good job!

Elisha said...

Thanks :)