Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sick to my stomach

So I'm sure you have all heard the story of the precious 16 month old little boy who went home to heaven after being thrown by his daycare worker and suffering a broken skull. Because of this story I found myself in tears several times yesterday. I don't know how such horrible things are allowed to happen to innocent children. I spent the day hugging my kids tighter and harassing the heck out of them when they just wanted to play alone. That is why - although being at home with my kids can drive me right to the loony bin some days ... I will be forever thankful that I am at home and can afford to stay here. Thanks baby for working so hard so I don't have to.Well. You know what I mean. Not many mothers are as lucky. I really struggled to find a prayer last night for the family and for any other family that has ever been through or will be through a similar situation. I prayed that no one would ever have to go through anything like that again but my prayers just felt hollow because I know that there will always be a new story and a new family to pray for. So I really struggled on WHAT I should pray... In reality I'm sure there is a child out there hurting , sad , scared , hungry or dying this very moment. My prayers did not help him or her. I supposed all I can do is to do the best for MY kids (and the other children in my life) as I can and continue to pray that others will do the same.

Well. That's it that's all. Its 9 am and I still have two boys to feed. One of which is running around bare bum so I should maybe get some clothes on him - Oh Kolby - the free spirit! And I think later that I will be spending a fair amount of time with my computer...Over at American Mum she introduced us to some free 'actions' yesterday(I think) I had no idea there was such a thing and they look great so today is the day I will learn how to use them. Then after school I have to go to St. Paul with the boys for their first ever optometrist appointments. Not good I know. I asked the average age for a first appt. and was told 2-3. well mine are almost 4 and 6. oops. Better late than never :)

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