Saturday, January 17, 2009

Down with Mother's Guilt??

So a couple days ago I read this
and it still has me thinking. HOW ON EARTH DO PEOPLE DO IT? When Keaton was the only boy with us he was always immaculate. Well dressed, clean face ,hair done , cutest hats/shoes a girl could find - quite a little stud.

Now I find myself 2 children later and Oh My. I completely agree with McMamma but there are those times when you do want your children to be 'perfect' and in my case I have no idea how any parent with 3+ children could accomplish that. I have had several days when I think I have it all together... The boys are all looking dapper , Clean faces , Clean clothes , Hair done , and all smiles ...We walk out the door. Get in the Durango. Drive across town and when everyone gets out...Keaton is usually just as immaculate...Kolby has his shirt smeared with unknown substances , his hair has been worked into an Afro and somehow some sort of dirt has caked its way around his mouth. Kyler. Same thing PLUS snot EVERYWHERE. I am not exaggerating. I Always said I would not have one of those snotty faced kids and somehow I ended up with one. That nose never stops running. Is the mess a boy thing? If I gave as much effort as I needed to to keep my kids clean I would have to do 3+ loads of laundry a day ... 2+ baths each...and ABSOLUTELY NO EATING. that would be the biggest rule. Without food we could avoid most of the disaster.The boys would all have severe dermatitis on their faces from too much washing and Mom would then be the mess then since keeping the boys clean is a 24-7 job.

What I can say with quite certainty that I am 95% satisfied with their behaviour in public. Very rarely do we have fits anymore and any time we go out to eat or have someone over to I get comments that they are so well behaved and such good eaters. GREAT. since usually they're driving me crazy but at least they seem well behaved to outsiders. lol . That's all that matters isn't it?That OTHER people think your kids are great and your a perfect mother. Sad. but how many of us mothers haven't put what others think at the head of our priorities at one time or another. At this point now with my 3 dirty - well behaved boys I can honestly say I no longer care what people think. My boys are happy , healthy ,occassionally a complete mess, goofy , fun and so in love with their mommy and daddy that nothing else matters to me. Even a face full of oreo cookie :) All that should matter to any parent is that you are doing your best for your kids and that they know how loved they are. It doesn't hurt either if they say mommy is their favorite not daddy...right?!

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