Monday, January 5, 2009

Blog changes.

I'm done the header and I think everything looks so fun! We'll see how long it lasts this There's more to tweak but I'm off to bed and my next goal for blog land is to finish up my Christmas/birthday posts. Yes Im working on them but they're not finished yet :)

So as I said before Ive been sick. Hence why I am playing with the blog again. I think I enjoy that more that the blogging itself! I haven't been upstairs to my computer with Adobe though so there's no new header or anything yet...I'm working on it :)

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Lady Lawson said...

Hey there girly! Your new header is SO cute - LOL! Well, I did NOT design my own, thus I have NO CLUE how to make the background move and the text stay still or whatever you asked me! LOL! Not very tech saavy over here! I just got my background for free from The Cutest Blog on the Block. You could go and look at their backgrounds and see if any match your header color scheme and then just add your header as a "pic" jpg to "replace header" in the Blogger layout. Your blog looks cute though!