Thursday, January 29, 2009

Like Taking Candy from a Baby.

So a while ago over at 5 little men and girly twins Britney did the cutest pictures with all her kids and lollipops. So I told her I was going to steal the idea. I searched long and hard and could only find ONE giant lollipop. And it is not as big and cute as I would have liked. someday I'll find the right ones. And three. So for now Kyler is the only one that gets the lollipop action until mom can find some more. I took these today and I thought they turned out cute. Note to self. Plan ahead for something like this. When I took the lollipop away after he LOST IT. So I distracted him with Yogurt and Oranges. Which when he finished that he freaked out over the lollipop again. So although it makes for a cute picture. The end result is NOT so cute. I never thought but I should have had pictures of that too. Next time :)

Momentarily distracted by the stick .
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that belly. He has an innie but when he eats too much or giggles it turns to an outie! Kinda gross Ive been told. But I think its cute. I'm sure you'll agree.

We had the music pumping and Kolby was dancing around the living room to entertain Kyler. It worked great other than Kyler only looked at me in...oh. 3 out of 120 pictures.Is 120 too many to take? I could have taken WAY more if he hadn't decided to join the dance party... Which there are a few pictures of. Maybe you'll get to see them later :) That's it for today. I'm going to sort some receipts now. Fun. Now you see why I distracted myself with a photo shoot

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Lady Lawson said...

Cute pics! I checked out 4 Boys site too...adorable kids! Although, I couldn't imagine 4 boys and twin girls. Bless her heart...and still time to take great pics and blog! LOL!