Friday, January 23, 2009

Blonde Moment

So Moments after I posted about losing this one I found it published on my recipe blog. oops :)So here it is !

Okay. So for those of you who know me we can say that I was mortified a little unenthusiastic at the thought of living in this town long term. I have no one that I really visit with regularly , there is no Walmart , Mcdonalds , Tim Hortons , really- nothing good for shopping. We have Co-op , Rona and Fields thats about it. Nothing to do with the kids like the place we used to live- there was always something you could take them out to do. Here its playgroup once a week where you gather all the children who are too young to go to school in hopes of catching some sort of flu/cold. Not my top choice of activities. The one thing that really made me think that I may want to stay here long term is

A)Its a small town where you know you know who your child is hanging out with at school... whether or not thats the kind of child you want yours to be friends with and exactly what they do when they do it.

Thats it. I Hate the fact that growing up in the city you never REALLY know whats going on with your kids when they're not with you. Here they have no choice but for you to know because the whole town knows everything(not always a good thing!)But I love it. Thats what kept me thinking I could handle staying here...Id always know my kids are hanging around the 'right' kind of kids...Knowing they're not being bullied or picked on.

Whats this all about your asking. And how does it relate to Homeschooling? WHY OH WHY cant parents keep their children HOME when they are sick! I have never in my life had as many illnesses randomly hit my home as I have since Keaton started school full time. I have thought on several occasions of homeschooling for only that avoid the throngs of germ infected kids that parents send to school. This is...OH. Maybe the 6th or 7th time our family has been sick since the cold weather hit. Im turning into such a germaphobe that I am actually tempted to start donning medical equipment to stop the spreading of germs in my home! Come on. everyone wearing rubber gloves and face masks wouldn't be that strange would it?

Well.This has been a pretty random meaningless post since I don't know if I will ever leave this town and highly doubt I will ever start homeschooling. Although the gloves and masks seems like a better and better idea every time a new illness strikes!

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