Friday, January 9, 2009


So I didnt realize if I started a post way back when and finish it today that it would get posted wayy back on the blog... Anyone know how I fix that? So yeah. If you want to read it click on 2008 and then go down to Dec 25 and there it is :) Finally my Christmas story


Lady Lawson said...

Hmmm...something I actually DO know about!

Got to edit posts and click on the post that you want to update. Right above the Publish Post button (and right below the text box) there is something that says Post Options (right next to Labels). Click on Post Options and it will expand. You can change the date and time of the post. This is a GREAT feature because you can post-date things to publish at a specific time or on a specific date even if you'll be away from your computer!


Anonymous said...

Thanks!! I finally figured it after I read your comment I still couldnt get it!