Thursday, February 4, 2010


Yes that's right folks. Three posts in three days... and are you ready to be amazed!? I GUARANTEE one for tomorrow too. Now that could be due to a) I'm incredibly ambitious and on a blogging roll or b)I wrote all of the posts at once and scheduled them to all publish day after day knowing that likely once I turn the computer off it will be a good week before I get the urge to blog again. Yes. It is 'probably' B. But irregardless. Here is a photo that I promised you weeks ago... The bracelet Kolby made me at Playschool!! As well as a photo showing that even though you painted your nails at midnight and were tired and lazy ... you should ALWAYS put away the nail polish or you will wake up to a two year old with bright red finger and toenails... Tyson wasn't so happy... me on the other hand... I was SO EXCITED by what a good job he did I had to congratulate him .

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