Friday, November 6, 2009

Well its been a LONG LONG time since I have blogged but I will share more about that and whats going on in my life later... As for now I wanted to take part in this weeks Fix-it-Friday over at I ♥ Faces

Here is the Before:


And Here is my edit :)

I did alot to this photo... Adjusted the Levels.. increased saturation... Then actions galore- Oh Snap, Eye Boost, Pross Crossessed, Highlight and Shadow seperator to bring more definition to the hair and face, Yin Yan to lighten the grass and her shirt a bit, Green with Envy on the grass and a little select-o-sharp on the eyes... All Totally Rad actions. Now I could have gotten away without using so much stuff but I was playing :) and It only took 4 minutes... and I like the result.


Jen said...

First one I have seen totally flipped. I like the perspective.

Anonymous said...

Great edit!! I really like it! And Katy Perry for that matter!