Friday, November 13, 2009


Today is fix it Friday over at I ♥ Faces and in an attempt to blog more I am going to partake again :) I did all of the following in Photoshop CS3

Here is the original

Here I tweeked the levels... increased Saturation 22%....Selected the eyes and brightened/increased saturation/and ran the unsharp mask...Deselect the eyes...I then ran the TRA Oh Snap at 51% ... Boutwell Magic Glasses at 100% and Warm it up Kris at 30%

Now one more :) This one is all TRActions... BAMF 100% Oh Snap 100% Cinnamon Toast 46% Yin/Yang to lighten the face a bit...Dirtie Birdie Texture( I removed it from his face) and then good old Oh Snap again :)


Catharine said...

I like the last one, interesting!

Cella Bella said...

I agree - the B&W is gorgeous! Love the contrast you achieved without losing the details of his face. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Great colors in your edit! Wonderful job!

Owner said...

I love second one! The colors are very lively. Excellent edit. :D

Look my edited pic! ;)

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