Monday, November 23, 2009

This weeks challenge over at I♥Faces is ... SUN FLARE! Now anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely CRAZY about sun flare... I try and get some sun flare pictures every time I do a shoot... And I say try because it doesnt always want to work for me. I have yet to perfect it which is the case with pretty much all of my Photography skills... I am a work in progress :) Below is a beautiful girl who I had the pleasure of doing some grad photos for this past summer... and I thought this turned out great with the sun just peaking through the tree... I hate to admit it but it is not my favorite flare photo - my favorite is far from perfect so It cant go in the contest :)
Without further adieu my Entry:

and just because its my favorite... but this is NOT MY ENTRY. just sharing time. lol

I love emotion... I love catching the moments Im not meant to during the shoot... and thats why I love this... It may be far from perfect... But really. could it be MORE perfect?


Schwabs said...

Love that she's wearing a fancy dress in a tree. And it's great to have that sun peeking through!

Life with Kaishon said...

That dress is GORGEOUS! Oh my goodness. She is pretty. I am sure she was very fun to shoot! Wonderful!

Elisha Trask said...

Hey My name is Elisha too!! I saw your entry on I heart faces. Great pictures!! So fun!