Thursday, November 26, 2009

In the Zone

So this morning I slept in... let me justify that by saying that Kolby was up ALL NIGHT throwing up...and now is fine!? SO. when my alarm went off at 7:30 it seemed like the logical thing to turn it off and lie back down. Only its not logical to then fall back asleep until 8AM when your oldest child needs to be out the door for school by 8:20. So to say the least it was a rushed morning but we made it! Once I got Keaton off to school I decided to pop upstairs quick to check emails and such... Only on my way upstairs I could hear Kolby following me so I stopped on the landing part way up the stairs to wait for him... And here he comes... carrying a transformer.... trying to transform it and walks right past me... within INCHES... up to the top of the stairs where he turns in my bedroom and says. Can you...Mom!? Where are you!? Thanks for noticing me buddy... I know you love your transformers and all but come on!

On another note. This weekend Old Navy has some crazy great deals on... I might try and drag my husband to the city for some of that action :)

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