Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Okay... so I promised I would get into more detail on my lack of blogging ... and well. I dont have any GREAT reasons... Only great questions... Where the heck do all of these other bloggers find the time/energy/inspiration to blog all of the time!? To be honest with 3 kids at the end of the day blogging is the last thing on my mind... Its more likely that the couch is calling my name.

That said I have had alot going on in the last... oh Several months that I have been slacking big time on the blog scene...

My Photography is really taking off... couldnt be happier but that eats up most of my computer time... Also in the News... We are moving!! Not this instant but Tyson has a new job out of town so while he is there working during the weeks I am here trying to finish our renovations / take care of 3 kids/ run them to school / hockey... You know - all of that fun mom stuff. We are hoping to put the house up for sale next Monday although unless by some sort of Miracle all of the work finishes itself- I do not see that happening. But irregardless wish us luck... I dont want to spend one more day than I have to here and husbandless.

Apparently this month is NABLOPOMO... Is that it? not sure. Anywho... In the spirit of that- and with my flair for slacking I am going to try to post more often... Not every day like you are supposed to ... but Come on. Anything is better than what I have been up to!

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