Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Photo Challenge

Its that time again ... so here is my picture from the 11th folder... 11th picture. This was Keaton about a week before Christmas 2008... we had sat down to do our letters to Santa and were having some nice fresh pineapple as a snack. Great snack. Not so great results in the rest of the pictures I took. All of the boys faces look orange :)

I couldnt figure out how to link it so go to : to check it out :)

On another note Keaton had his last hockey game today... I went but didn't get to watch alot of it between Kolbys disappearances and Kylers Meltdowns. Then when I finally thought things had settled down with them my husband has a fit as well. Im so so sorry for asking if we could leave as I juggle one screaming child...another who has mysteriously disappeared and a third who is whining that hes hungry and wants a hot dog. So Sorry to interrupt your conversation- Please swear at me in a room full of people. I love that. And I love you sooo much too. Seriously. I have 3 children I don't see why I should have to deal with an adult child . Anyone out there with some fool proof tips on curing the miserable man-child ? LOL. I get such a kick out of this because all of the blogs I read talk about these women and their wonderful , caring , kind , thoughtful husbands that they love SO much. Which is GREAT. McMammas Husband literally shouts his love from rooftops. I show that to my husband and it makes him mad at me because I don't think hes I don't remember the last thing even slightly romantic that he attempted...Doesn't anyone have a miserable grump for a husband too- Or am I the only one writing about it? I don't know what to do about that man ! I guess I can just dump it on my band of -- eh. 3 or so adoring readers. lol.
Well . Its Saturday and however much I may *Wish* that I could hide away in my bedroom being lazy all day I guess I should go brave the grouch so I can spend some time with the boys in my life who actually are fun and nice to be around :)

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Shasta said...

Cute picture!!

I have a grumpy husband too who sounds very similar to yours. He has improved in some ways in the past few months but in other ways I'm not sure he'll ever change. I just don't write about it. I'm sure we're not alone. I think people just tend to write the good things and leave the bad out.